Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

Nastya Ivleeva showed a new photo with Eldzhey

The novel by the TV host and rapper is in full swing.

Internet блогерша and the TV host Nastya Ivleeva shared a romantic picture with the boyfriend.

In spite of the fact that Eldzhey is younger than Ivleeva for four years (it 27, and to it 23 - in youth such difference still can matter), they the strong and loving couple.

In a recent interview at Yury Dudya Nastya answered a question as couple copes with frequent partings (at Ivleeva and Eldzhey the dense and a little crossed schedules).

It reported that sometimes they fly to each other "on a visit" - literally for several days or even several hours just to meet and embrace each other.

Edition to an uznayvsa. the Russian Federation reminds that some time ago in Network discussed new video by the singer Ivan Dorn. The musician published a video in which he dances without t-shirt. Subscribe by

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