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"NASA hides everything": Flashes in galaxies - a consequence of war between humanoids and anunnaka about Nibira - ufologists

Scientists already proved that radioactive flashes are not natural space processes. The mankind became the witness of intergalactic fight - ufologists are sure.

It is known that light flashes are not the up to the end explainable phenomena which cannot be explained with usual astronomical laws. The brightest flashes were recorded in the constellation of the Hydra, but even astronomers with an experience were surprised that in the place of their emergence there are no black holes and quasars which could radiate similar light.

If quasars are the brightest visible elements in the visible Universe, then from where then radioactive flashes appear? Their nature is up to the end unknown to astronomers, but they are sure that this radiation does not come from our galaxy, and settles down in other systems. By the way, NASA practically does not comment on these really strange things and allegedly does not attach it significance. Ufologists had several assumptions concerning origin of this space phenomenon.

Ufologists are sure that NASA hides all data, and actually national administration is informed long ago on what occurs in space. According to them, flashes in galaxies are a consequence of war of alien races which cannot divide among themselves galactic resources. The principal reasons from other planets use, according to them, heavy-duty light weapon, and mankind involuntarily became the witness of this fight.

About not announced war of newcomers as experts consider, can be understood thanks to signs which they periodically give to people of Earth. Frequent emergence of the UFO in different points of the world for a long time, according to ufologists, is a warning of war - but about what, it was unknown earlier. Now amateur scientists are convinced that over time aliens can involve people of Earth in the intergalactic conflict and the frequent phenomenon try to catch support "from the outside".

Ufologists are convinced that fight is conducted between humanoids and anunnaka about Nibira. The second concern inhabitants of Earth more in a friendly way, and prior to military operations kept in space order on our planet. According to experts, the turn of mankind came now to help civilizations, friendly in relation to it, having supplied with necessary minerals.

Is unknown whether on the business of flash are signs of war. Perhaps, aliens test a supernew space weapon which has the huge brightness therefore consequences of tests are visible also to astronomers from Earth. But anyway, the mankind has to be ready to everything - the frequent abnormal phenomena are "a disturbing call".



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