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NASA has published a tremendous photo of space "eye"

The Hubble telescope has taken the picture of the planetary fog NGC 3918 in the constellation of the Centaur
the Photo of the surprising space phenomenon on the website has shared National administration on aeronautics and a research of space of the USA (NASA).

the Bright blue-pink cloud of space gas, in a form reminds an eye, is at distance of 4900 light years from Earth. According to physicists, NGC-3918 fogs live several tens of thousands of years. To space measures it is very short.

the brightest star the Centaur is called Riegel Kentaurus. In this space object there is the coldest place in the Universe which can be seen.

Is about the fog Bumerang. NGC-3918 is allocated with the unusual form, but in the constellation of the Centaur still of NGC-5128. This fog is crossed by a dark strip of the dust which has arisen because of collision with the spiral galaxy. we Will note

, by means of the spacecraft of NASA - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) working at the surface of the Moon surprising pictures have been made. New fascinating video of a lunar surface, the American astronomers have laid out work in NASA. In pictures which have been used in a roller the border of the lit and dark Moon is perfectly visible. Qualitative shots, have removed the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft. the staff of the museum of the space center of Goddard Has made by

this roller, for a musical subject they used the work for a piano "Moonlight" of the composer Claude Debussy. This air and light music was ideal for mystical and strange pictures of a surface of the Moon.

of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is one of spacecrafts of NASA, has been launched into an orbit of the Moon in June, 2009. Not the first pictures are made the device, earlier in 2009 the first pictures have been published Orbiterom are taken. Also in 2011 has provided to NASA the detailed pictures of places of the piloted expeditions made LRO.



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