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MXGP cross-country race: Alexander Dzheus about results of a trip to the Grand Prix of Switzerland

To Alexander Dzheus, the President of Federation of Motorcycle sport of Russia (MFR), it wasn't succeeded to look at races, but the trip to the Grand Prix of Switzerland of MXGP was productive. Alexander Vasilyevich has shared details on the page in Facebook:

"In the past weekend has visited MXGP World Cup stage in Switzerland where it has held a number of important negotiations on questions of development of motorcycle sports.

have discussed postponement of date of the Russian stage MXGP for September, 2019 and logistics of movement of teams from Europe With the president of the Yustrim company Giuseppe Longo. We plan to organize movement through Turkey on the ferry to the port of Novorossiysk and back. It is a difficult task, but we will surely cope, work is already begun!

Have discussed with Longo and conditions of carrying out the Russian stage of the World Cup in cross-country race among juniors which next year will pass in Moscow. There haven't less successfully taken place negotiations with the President of FIM Europe of Dr. Wolfgang Srb. Have planned the prospects of future cooperation. There is a lot of plans and all of them are global!

Should be told, all trip was extremely productive. Meetings and negotiations replaced each other. Within the visit it was succeeded to meet also the promoter of the World Cup in Supermoto Danilo Boccadolce. This sport begins to gain steam in Russia and, of course, carrying out a stage of the World Cup in our country, will stir the appeared interest. Previously have discussed an opportunity and conditions of competitions of the international level. Unfortunately, the cost of promotion payment for us is too high, but have agreed through joint efforts to reach compromise.

I there is more to come! I have met the coach of the MX academy - Martin van Genderen. He is a developer of a technique of training as athletes, so parents and trainers. In the nearest future we wait from him for author's methodical materials which we will begin to apply in Russia. Here such here results!

Alas, I haven't looked at a race".



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