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"MU" and Arsenal gave a stunning match

Arsenal prolonged a fantastic safe series up to 20 matches, having nearly won against "MU"? in absolutely mad game on "Old Trafford".

Manchester United - Arsenal - 2:2 (1:1)

Goals: Mustaf, 26 (0:1). Marcial, 30 (1:1). Lyakazett, 68 (1:2). Lingard, 69 (2:2) <.br>
Manchester United: de Hea, Bailly, Smalling, Rokho (Fellaini, 72), Dalot, Matic, Herrera, Darmian, Lingard (Pogba, 75), Reshford, Marcial (Lukaku, 63).

Arsenal: Lino, Mustafi, Papastatopulos, Holding (Lichtsteiner, 36), Belyerin, Torreyra, Genduzi, Kolashinats, Ramsay (Mkhitaryan, 46), Obameyang, Ivobi (Lyakazett, 65).

of Prevention: Mustaf, 37. Rokho, 38. Marcial, 40. Belyerin, 41. Matic, 42. Torreyra, <>
Judge: Marriner.

on December 5. Manchester. Old Trafford stadium.

on the way of Wenger
Present "MU" something imperceptibly reminds
"gunners" of the last years. José Mourinho, of course, is much younger than Arsène Wenger, and these trainers - the complete antitheses both on stylistic features, and on character. However the Portuguese reminds the late Frenchman more and more, and, apparently, cannot give to the team something essentially new any more. Against the background of Arsenal which played new paints it is especially noticeable.

With Unai Emery's arrival Londoners straightened shoulders. Their soccer cannot leave indifferent, and the trainer's courses are fresh and are not banal. It and trust to the young Genduzi who became one of opening of a season, and combination in the field of Obameyanga and Lyakazett. Wenger wanted to get the compatriot long ago, but for some reason quickly was disappointed in him, and at Emery the Frenchman and the Gaboner who became bosom friends are absolutely happy, and quite often leave in the field together.

the New era of opposition
Only in premier league the heading bombardier rating of Obameyang and Lyakazett by Wednesday through joint efforts of a nakolotila of 16 balls. Everything is six less, than all "MU" where there is not less impressive set of forwards. However Lukaku before the past tour could not strike a collar for two and a half months. Marsyal has a slow conflict with the head coach, Reshford is not always trusted, and Alexis Sanchez soured on a bench at all, and, probably, curses himself for the precipitate decision to change Emirates on "Old Trafford". Also Pogba whom after a draw in Southampton the trainer allegedly called by "virus" suffers from Mourinho.

the trainer decided to Treat a disease, having sent the Frenchman to a bench. Plus, specularly repeated the scheme of Arsenal applied recently with three central defenders. Rokho who was not playing since last season was one of them, and on the right flank in start Portuguese Dalot for the first time appeared. One of the last beginners United acquired before leaving in Zenit by Javier Ribalta. On the one hand the 19-year-old Portuguese and his London age-mate Genduzi received places in structure owing to disqualifications according to Young and in a row Dzhaki who played before 65 matches. With another - juniors symbolized new eras



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