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MotoGP: Yamaha breaks an impasse - Thanks, Thailand, you have returned us motivation and force!

Maverik Vinyales has returned on a podium, and Valentino Rossi became the 4th in grandiose battle for the Big Prize of Thailand first in the history on Chang International Circuit.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 7, 2018 - the Thai stage MotoGP was probably one of the most important for Yamaha. At least, because for this region three largest Japanese plants - Honda, Yamaha and Suzukis fight to death. This region makes the biggest profit because of improbable mass character of the motor-equipment. Just ponder: only one Indonesia provides sales of 6 million pieces of equipment, and it on half a million sales monthly! In the sum, all ASEAN are Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia consume 10 million motorcycles and scooters. Thailand on the second place after Indonesia, here is sold by about 2 million motorcycles annually. The tidbit, and Yamaha wins against Honda a little.

I of MotoGP remains to one of the main marketing tools. And success of pilots of Movistar Yamaha in ThaiGP - just a balm for the soul to factory management. And still it is the real holiday for factory team.

of Valentino Rossi has got into the lead and led пелетон under a storm of applause more than 100 thousand fans who have gathered this day on the stands of Chang International Circuit. Strained races I have come to the end for him slightly below, than he expected: because of a mistake on braking in the last turn, before the finish it has missed chance to be ahead of the workmate and to ascend to a podium.

"Unfortunately, I wasn't rather strong this time to take a podium to lose everything without risk, - Rossi has told. - At the last minute I have tried, but have decided that it is better for 4th to finish, than to fall and bear Maverik. The situation was very ticklish - I had to straighten a bike and to weaken a grasp. But after everything that was with us in the second half of summer, in September, especially, in Aragon, today we are simply happy. We have great improved on the weekend course, it is the fact. Each session took new steps forward, but our rivals always were a little ahead. OK, we will take it into consideration. The main thing that this track has allowed us to realize one thing: we not in such and a hole as it seemed to us earlier! We have taken a step forward. Hurrah! "

Vinyales after the finish just shone: "Frankly speaking, I very much, am very happy. This race in Thailand - a striking example of the fact that we shouldn't have been discouraged that hard work always pays off a hundredfold, and it is a good reserve for the future. Thanks, Thailand, you have returned us motivation and force! Yes, it was terrible hot and slippery, but we haven't lost from it at all, on the contrary, have added in comparison with most of rivals. I always had a confidence in behavior of front-end, especially, on braking. We will look whether all of us will be able to repeat it in the next races. If yes, that in Japan we are expected by one more impressive weekend. We need to improve - gradually in all areas, in stability, in accuracy, but we have taken a new course now - and we will hold it! "

that it not casual combination of circumstances and that all have a pilot



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