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MotoGP: What do commands from the Silverstone Circuit updating wait for?

For the first time for the last 22 years, since 1996 have replaced asphalt with Silverstone Circuit. A unique situation when so many years a covering suited the organizer, racers, teams and FIM! But for the last 3-4 years the quality of races has considerably decreased because of wear of a track. In January, 2018 asphalt was replaced entirely, with all 5900 m of a path.

What the MotoGP teams from this updating wait for and what is known of new asphalt already now?

of Paule Trevatan, KTM Factory Racing: "New asphalt for all is opening. Nobody on MotoGP prototype tried him yet, and it will be the big test for Shinniki also! First of all, it will be necessary to understand how here will fulfill Michelin".

of Silvano Galbuser, Yamaha Factory Racing: "To all of us it is curious what is new asphalt! It is logical to assume that the new covering will provide the best держак. But for the rest approach to a weekend will differ in nothing from the others".

Christian Gabarrini, Ducati Factory Team: "In recent years hummocks and it seems that they remained in some places were a problem. The second question as tires will behave. In what state they will appear already through several circles. Sometimes, new asphalt provides excessively high держак, sometimes, on the contrary, and it affects wear - unevenly. But hook level on the course of a weekend can drama change! Usually, new asphalt first doesn't provide enough derzhak, but then as on it there is enough rubber, speeds increase".

of Giacomo Gvidotti, Repsol of Honda: "We begin a mysterious weekend. We have some information from the racing drivers acting here to us, they said that держак has significantly improved in comparison with last year, but there were many hummocks. And generally all of them on former places! Visually it isn't possible to estimate it almost. Only when pilots will come for the first practice, it will become clear".

the First practice of BritishGP of 2018 starts any minute.



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