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MotoGP: Tito Rabat has in detail told about incident details in Silverstone

Tito Rabat has found forces to tell journalists about all details of the accident which has happened to him on FP4 of the Grand Prix of Britain in Silverstone tried to analyse that has brought to her, but spoke about consequences more.

Terrible accident of the native of Barcelona in filled in with section Stowe water, as a result, has set pilots of MotoGP thinking on expediency of holding a race in similar conditions and then and to vote for cancellation of BritishGP. Perhaps, this event will become key in all season of 2018 for a number of reasons. What? Here - the answer. "In Silverstone we have seen

as far as really the important correctly picked up team of physicians in MotoGP, - there has begun Tito Rabat. - I once again would like to thank them for work which they have made as they have literally saved my life! Still I would like to thank the team of surgeons from hospital in Coventry, in England - all of them have made precisely and in time".

As an incident directly hasn't got to cameras, the sequence of events has been indistinct and some editions stated the versions. Rabat has told about how events developed actually.

Falling has occurred suddenly as soon as Tito has reached Stowe which has appeared the filled-in strongest short-term heavy rain. Water was flown down with all the district to the lowland and stood in two big "pools" formed by roughnesses on asphalt and curbs - water didn't go to the system of a drainage which besides has ceased to cope with streams.

has led hydroplaning that is when even rain tires of the motorcycle didn't cope with water volume on asphalt To accident and "have emerged" - the motorcycle has just lost contact with a covering, and it has right there appeared on one side. Practically at the same time several pilots, including Alex Rins and Franco Morbidelli have fallen in this place. Earlier it was reported that Rabat was hit by own motorcycle, but Tito has explained what has covered him to Honda RC213V of Franco Morbidelli crashing into him. And under him he has reached a safety zone.

In accident Rabat has received multiple fractures of the right leg, but what is worse, the femoral artery has been injured. But reaction of the physicians who have arrived to the place was fast and resolute thanks to what Tito also could return to active life in only 36 hours after operation. "My priority, of course, to begin with

rehabilitation, as soon as possible. However, all this depends only now on processes which will happen in a leg. The worst consequence of an incident for me is a terrible pain because of which I practically don't sleep", - Rabat has added.

"The main lesson which I had learned in this accident, always to inspect back - that there. At the time of accident I saw how [already fallen] Alex Rins tried to warn me and also the fact that Franco at a huge speed comes nearer - flies directly on me. But the only thing that I was in time to rise to the feet, and at that moment his bike crashed directly to me into a leg and has pulled along. However, everything could be worse".

"At me for a second didn't appear thoughts that I can lose a leg



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