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MotoGP: The updated Silverstone - double челледж for Michelin

On the longest track in the calendar of MotoGP have completely replaced asphalt in the spring of this year, and, there was it for the first time for 22 years. So a visit to Silverstone for all teams and also for official Shinniki of the championship - as for the first time.

of the Grand Prix of Great Britain an event in itself, stands certain alone, Sachsenring is similar: on the one hand, it solves in the championship, with another little, draws the mass of attention. The attention is drawn by a race on the historical route in Nortgemptonshir. It is a technical and various track which imposes special requirements on all team - from the mechanic to the pendants engineer. Technical teams of pilots are engaged in search of balance of the motorcycle from first minute of a weekend to an exit to start on Sunday.

Length of a path is 5900 m, the track consists of 18 turns with mainly right-hand bends (10 against 8). Big section, from 6th to the 16th turns - almost everything - right, plus a long return straight line. Despite the extensive experience accumulated by teams and producers in Silverstone, every weekend works doesn't become less. This time the task becomes complicated.

of Michelin is lucky on new Silverstone asphalt an expanded set of tires as after repair there was no opportunity to test a new covering.

of Michelin will provide to teams 4 lobbies and 4 back slik unlike standard set in 3 - Soft, Medium, Hard and Extra Hard. The forward tire in a compound of Soft will be asymmetric, in more rigid right board. The others - standard. Back all asymmetric, as for 20 circles wear of rubber in Silverstone just improbable!

"This year is lucky Michelin on similar chelledzh! - Piero Taramasso from Michelin Motorsport has exclaimed, - Already the third route with partially or completely updates asphalt in a year, and this time before us the longest of all in a season, besides, here the covering was changed entirely. We hadn't had an opportunity to test asphalt till this weekend though from Silverstone and other partners we has obtained all possible information for assessment of the situation".

"That, now we have to give our tires to teams and supply them with necessary information for a right choice of a compound on a race. We have decided to expand the range, as a result, we expect to receive the maximum feedback from teams and pilots".



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