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MotoGP: Scott Redding has acted at full scale after the Grand Prix of Austria

It is obvious that it will be difficult for Scott Redding to find work in large collective after a season of MotoGP of 2018 where the chance to support the factory Aprilia team was presented to him. Perhaps, it hasn't passed this test.

Aprilia have problems. They are two. The first consists that development of RS-GP "has hanged" and on rates of development of KTM and Suzuki have considerably left forward in 2018. At the end of 2017 Aprilia has managed to give a flick to the recruit of the championship, KTM, having taken away from Austrians a position in the World Cup and the Constructors championship on the latest race. Mattingofena and Munderfinge have swallowed silently and have turned to work with the doubled force. The second problem is a kind guy Scott Redding.

Redding, of course, strange. Level of his IQ doesn't shine, but it is not an indicator in such sport as the Grand Prix: whom do you know in Paddock with the real diploma, except Carel Abraham? Tell at least couple of names... only not "Doctor" Rossi who has received "degree" on communications as an honourable bonus for merits in front of Italy. It doesn't play a role in the Grand Prix. The most striking example, perhaps, is Mick Duyen... But not an essence.

However with Scott this moment plays a role in a case. Sometimes breaks through it. A question not that it can't constrain a stream of curses in any occasion, and what does it already unconsciously, not in that place and at an inopportune moment.

of the Grand Prix of Austria for the factory Aprilia team really was given by any. Pilots exploited the motorcycles and engineers, but were far behind a-point zone - Espargaro the 17th, and Redding the 20th. First of all, Scott has shortly commented on the weekend course on Saturday, on qualification: "Hell since the first minute".

Comments it have come much further command and corporate ethics after the finish: "It is impossible to force a piece д... to shine. I know that it sounds roughly, and I shouldn't tell it, but it so, - Redding has told, - It was devilishly lousy weekend: weather has pulled together all motorcycles, and we had had a chance. I saw the potential, we with pleasure have started realizing it, but... I can be fast. This situation has once again reminded me as I am good. In practice, it would be possible to drive on the scooter at the same speed. OK, now we go to Silverstone, we will smile and say that I have come to show the real speed and a bl of a bl of a bl. Only all this a complete nonsense because NOTHING is impossible with this piece д... to do. We have problems every weekend. Every time different - something surely doesn't work as it is necessary. The race in Austria has just broken my heart... "

of the Word, told on Sunday, on Monday have caused a big wave not only in Paddock, but also on the Internet. Redding hasn't restrained also here and has given out concrete длиннопост in the Instagram, not less radical and politically incorrect if not aggressive:

"Is very much heavy and dangerous sport. When all against you, this dark and abrupt place. The main problem is in what I for myself can tell - I want to continue, to be successful and when you



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