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MotoGP: Rossi and Vinyales hope that in Silverstone everything will be OK

Silverstone Circuit is one of convenient for Yamaha in MotoGP: the scheme of the autodrome assumes existence of a huge number of bends (them there 18) the most different design and the directions which are passed at a high speed that is strength of YZR-M1.

of Valentino Rossi hopes that information obtained on tests in Mizano will help Yamaha Factory Racing to realize strategy on the Grand Prix of Great Britain a week ago and again to appear in TOP-3 following the results of a race.

"August this year loaded, - has begun Valentino. - It seems, only have returned since vacation, and have already arrived to Silverstone. I very much love this route. In the past, great fights have taken place here. Usually, my team achieves good results in any conditions here. I hope, as this time I will be rather fast. But we should sweat to take the best from this what we can achieve".

of the Race in Brno and Shpilberg haven't brought Yamaha of satisfaction, on the contrary, pilots have been upset. Rossi through loyal media informs of such subject: "I in an excellent form - physically and psychologically, but the motorcycle don't allow; Yamaha, help!" Márquez has carried out similar work with the Spanish journalists, and in Yamaha have been forced to listen to a voice from a garage. Jarvis has solved (well, at least, in words) to intensify development process. The first steps have been taken already on tests in Mizano.

"On Sunday, on tests in Mizano we have tried absolutely other set up and some new decisions on electronics, but it was within preparation for the Grand Prix of San Marino, - Rossi has specified. - We are our some positive moments. This stage will come very soon, but now we are completely concentrated on Silverstone".

Vinyales, having arrived in England, I have confirmed that it after Austria and failure result of qualification and a race feels better - it is ready positively. Besides, as in last Silverstone was the place, successful for him.

Besides, Vinyales has taken the first Grand Prix in MotoGP in Silverstone! It has happened in 2016 when he still supported the factory Suzuki team: in that race he has for the first time met Valentino Rossi on a podium - and it became the sign or a prophecy from further cooperation. The photo from the closed park after the finish where Valentino and Maverik exchange compliments and shake hands each other, for a long time I became a symbol of their cooperation in the future.

"First of all, Silverstone perfectly suits my style of piloting, - the Vinyales says. - And he excellently is suitable for Yamaha. But I have fallen in love with this track long ago, and probably, this relation has helped me to win a victory in 2016 with Suzuki. Obviously, it is one of the best tracks for me in the calendar. Therefore I will try to give all the best to the maximum to appear on a podium and this time".



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