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MotoGP: Results of the first day of the Grand Prix of Great Britain - Ducati, Honda and Yamaha in TOP-3

Only 0.005 seconds have divided Ducati Factory and LCR Honda following the results of the first day of the Grand Prix of Great Britain, and Maverik Vinyales (Movistar Yamaha) has closed the three in 0.061 seconds behind the Italian. Results of Friday of BritishGP, Silverstone Circuit.

All best circles of day have been established in FP2 as temperature on a surface of a track has significantly increased, and together with her and speeds.

of Valentino Rossi has gained the lead FP2 when before end there were 10 minutes: he has managed to collect a fast circle - 2:02.152, however, that was "fast" only the next five-minute. On the M1 Valentino was extremely built and steadily fast in high-speed arches and twisting sections, but only business reached narrow section, he lost valuable fractions of a second - but wasn't enough for him for deduction of a position of nearly a second that appears presently the whole abyss and turns into 7-8 lost positions. All fast circles pilots have brought

to the finishing exits from pitas-leyna, in the last 4 minutes of a session - and they have appeared in 2:01. Rossi remained the first until on a track Dovitsiozo, Márquez, Vinyales, Lorenzo and Petruchchi haven't returned, but even Zarko as a result could move Valentino.

of Dovitsiozo in the decisive exit has accelerated for 0.7 seconds at once, and then has improved result, having finished time to 2:01.385. Honda became the following, and was only not enough for him 0.005 to beat the Italian. The Vinyales has closed the three. Márquez on the last circle could pass

in TOP-3 and even on the 1st position, but again has walked twice into a same water, as in the first practice: in the 16th turn I have run into a hummock in a big inclination and I have lost balance. Unlike a lousayd on FP1, this time it was just straightened and has accurately left in a safety zone. Following the results of FP2 - and all day Mark became the 4th, however, having conceded to Dovi of <>
Rossi slipped below and below in the list, risking to appear outside treasured TOP-10 for passing to Q2 again, but Petruchchi, Yannone and Bautista, and, above all, Pedrosa have accelerated insufficiently at the last minute. Petruchch I have even made a big mistake, I have nearly born Lorenzo in the 8th turn - and I have left in gravel, than I have spoiled to myself a circle, but it has saved Rossi's situation. Bowe and Yannone have closed TOP-10, and Rossi has stopped on the 8th position.

Here is how looks now preliminary TOP-10 for Q2:

1. A. DOVIZIOSO - 2:01.385

2. C. CRUTCHLOW 0.005

3. M. VI&209; ALES 0.061

4. M. MARQUEZ 0.144

5. J. LORENZO 0.397

6. J. MILLER 0.434

7. J. ZARCO 0.577

8. V. ROSSI 0.767

9. A. IANNONE 0.846

10. A. BAUTISTA 1.063

Completely results of Friday of BritishGP, MotoGP:



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