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MotoGP: In Ducati have expressed bewilderment - haven't called them on a meeting about cancellation of BritishGP

One more stroke to cancellation of the Grand Prix of Britain: the factory Ducati MotoGP team which pilots have taken positions on the header line of a starting lattice has expressed bewilderment to those that they were invited to a fatal meeting.

It is known that the final decision on cancellation of BritishGP was accepted at 16:00 local time at a meeting of Dorna and IRTA with pilots of teams Royal a class, at her there were also some managers of teams. But there were no pilots also. In particular, from Ducati there was no Andrea Dovizioso, and Jorge Lorenzo's poll-sitter has joined later as soon as it has learned about a meeting. Later, at a press conference Franco Unchini and Loris Kapirossi representing the party of the organizer and Commission on Security of MotoGP have noted that invitations have been transferred to all pilots of the championship, but there was probably some problem in communication as these invitations transferred through managers.

At that fatal meeting pilots of MotoGP have refused to come for start of BritishGP - everything, except Jack Miller and Zhoan Zarko which have expressed readiness to start. Also, representatives of factory teams, and then and their pilots have refused to postpone a race to Monday, August 27 which in England is also in the day off. The true reason of it was explained later by Alberto Puch from Repsol of Honda.

But the manager of the team Davide Tardozzi has said that pilots of Ducati weren't called on this meeting: "Yesterday I didn't receive any official statements concerning this meeting of pilots with Directorate on which, as a result, the decision has been made [about cancellation], - Tardozzi has told the Italian journalists, - the Idea of this meeting was born spontaneously, and, she was offered by some pilots who then have reported this idea to other pilots - that those moved to office of IRTA".

It is known that they have come there to say Dorna that they "won't go in a race which is in advance doomed to a failure". "Lorenzo, for example, has learned

about a meeting from the manager Albert Valera to whom this news was given by Alesh Espargaro. Not all pilots were present, just because nobody called them! Nobody called us. We only saw that people are flown down in office of IRTA, but for what purpose, didn't know" - Davide has specified.

"When rose a question of a possibility of transfer of a race on Monday, we voted Pro. But, as a result, in Ducati have completely agreed with the common made decision because safety is more important than a show. And still, personally I think that similar important decisions have to be made only in the presence of one and all pilots, with official invitations".



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