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MotoGP - the Doctor the World: I do not understand how Márquez could win a title with such shoulder!

The sports traumatologist and the surgeon Doctor Xavier Mir from clinic of the Deksiusa University, perhaps, the busiest person in Barcelona: does not pass day as it should patch the next motorcycle racer or the skier. Yesterday he performed operation on the 5-fold champion of MotoGP Mark Márquez. There is its first interview.

MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU, on December 6, 2018 - Till today Mir and the others drag the University kept silence, they waited for results of the first analyses. Márquez, having departed from an anesthesia, also he was laconic. But it seems that operation really took place well and without complications, and Xavier could tell about everything to exclusively Spanish edition Marca.

to make everything is correct, surgeons had to perform two operations. The first part it was in returning a joint to an initial state and to impose a bone patch for its fixing; the second part, arthroscopic (through a micropuncture) on articulate and compound sheaves which were strongly stretched because of what the head of a humeral bone freely moved in a bag and easily could go beyond as we saw in Japan. Mark at the same time felt severe pain, both during a trauma, and after installation of a shoulder into place - some more hours he could feel serious discomfort. "I do not understand

how Mark could win the championship with such shoulder! - began Doctor Mir. - I believe that it is exclusive Mark's merit because the trauma was really very difficult, and he obviously had to apply the mass of forces to keep". "We used

two technicians, - the surgeon continued, - Open operation for installation of a bone into place, and then closed, with an arthroscopy - on sheaves. It was very difficult operation, took more time, than we expected. But, we tried to avoid possible negative consequences: tested rigidity of a joint after assembly and did not reveal any problems so now the shoulder is well recorded".

"Time determined for restoration after similar operations makes about six weeks, but we already got used that pilots are often restored quicker and return to a system earlier. Mark has very strong muscles that, certainly, will help to reduce rehabilitation term. But we will need a day more or two to give more exact forecast".

Mark Márquez will be discharged from Deksiusa Clinic on Friday.



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