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MotoGP - Pervosjodstvo Jorge: Why Lorenzo so was upset because of cancellation of BritishGP

After the victory on Red Bull Ring of Jorge Lorenzo has said that it is ready to win each race this year to try (though it and it is almost impossible) to win the championship. And he has taken BritishGP poll position, in a race which wasn't held.

Productivity and Jorge Lorenzo's speed in Austria and his ingenious choice of tires for that race and also show some other factors that Jorge in fact came to the true level. On Red Bull Ring he made use of all the experience, has developed new strategy on the race course and has realized a combination which has allowed to give a flick not only Mark Márquez, but also and Andrea Dovizioso!

of Lorenzo was one of five pilots who have established on a race soft slik - both tires Soft. But from five only Lorenzo and Bautista, as a result, have appeared in TOP-10. Lorenzo has won a race for the 3rd time since the beginning of a season.

Attempt of installation of a set of the softest Michelin on supertenacious, abrasive and aggressive Red Bull Ring asphalt where besides right-hand turns dominate, - in general, very courageous decision. By the beginning of a race temperature of asphalt was 20 degrees higher, than there was all weekend of the Grand Prix of Austria.

of Lorenzo has managed to organize Márquez's prosecution so that on the first 10 circles not to overheat the tire, keeping the highest speed and not allowing growth of a separation of Honda. Jorge has shown a master class of stable piloting: since the 4th circle, to the 17th when fight for a victory has begun, Lorenzo's speed has kept within a framework 0.3 sec.!

of Lorenzo didn't stamp fast circles, also as well as he didn't set up speed records (the maximum speed in a race have recorded at Honda RC213V of Dany Pedrossa - 314.5 km/h), on the contrary, only the 12th in the list on speed records. But he has won arrival, having outstripped on Márquez's finish for 0:13 seconds and having improved race time for 2.5 seconds. How did he manage all this?

Since the beginning of a weekend of Lorenzo lost about one second only in the final sector of Red Bull Ring, and couldn't improve situation in any way. All evening of Saturday it studied videos the practician and a last year's race to understand in what Márquez wins. Trying to understand it, he has studied everything - Mark's position in a saddle at an entrance to turns, on acceleration - and compared to the records. As a result, having come for start of Sunday warm-up&8242; and, he has tried the ideas in practice, and all of them have worked!!!

is farther, Lorenzo was required something that has provided him firm confidence in the motorcycle course from the first circle. Soft tires were useful. By Piero Taramasso's definition from Michelin Motorsport, Soft compound warmed up to the working temperature on a track more "is similar to gelatin": the tire provides additional держак because easily contracts and slides a little, at the same time the spot of contact remains big. To use this feature of Soft, it is necessary to be able to go extremely smoothly. Pilots who profess such style in MotoGP - two: Lorenzo and his follower, Zhoan Zarko.

"Jorge and



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