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Mother of the 7-year-old girl has believed advertizing of the known brand - but everything has ended with operation

Mother of the 7-year-old girl has believed advertizing of the known brand - but everything has ended with operation
First try, then trust? But how?

Furious mother demands explanations from jewelry network Claire's after her 7-year-old daughter was hospitalized because of an earring. The accessory has got stuck in the girl's ear, and he had to be taken by means of a scalpel, Daily Mail reports.

according to the indignant Syuzi Nisbet when to her daughter Lily have pierced ears, the staff of Claire's shop has assured the girl that earrings can be replaced in three weeks if regularly to use their company cleaning means.

Though the girl the whole month three times a day cleaned ears this means standing? 15 ($19,5), in attempt to replace earrings she has shouted from the right ear pain.

of Syuzi has been sure that in a dream at Lily the lamb holding an earring has fallen off, and three days in a row tried to take ornament from the daughter's ear independently.

But then to them has on a visit come the girlfriend working as the nurse. She has looked at Lily's ear and has advised to see a doctor, having suspected that the lamb has got stuck under skin and has caused an infection. as a result the girl has spent by

four hours in hospital where the earring was removed under a local anesthesia. Her it was so sore that one nurse had to hold her on a bed.

of Claire's says that the cleaning lotion carefully is tested and that three weeks of application are a normal and safe term. They advise

to see a doctor in case of reddening, a tumor or pain.

of Syuzi says: "I just in rage because of Claire’s. I trusted them as a global brand, they have told that the earring can be not taken off three weeks, and here it.

I could help nothing With hospital to Lily, only hold her by a hand and try to amuse. I felt such helplessness that I have nearly burst into tears. I feel

Ya awfully guilty, it was my idea to make piercing. If it was possible to undergo all these tortures for her, I would pass". Syuzi has taken to Lily to salon on August 1 to pierce ears before school. She thought that piercing will heal six weeks.

But to little Lily's delight, in shop salon have told them that earrings can be taken off in three weeks if to use the cleaning means.

of Syuzi says: "At school piercing is forbidden, there everything is strict therefore ears had to heal before return to school. I thought that we won't have enough time, but promised to ask.

have told Me that with this special means they will begin to live in three weeks. I still was surprised that so quickly, but Claire’s because it is the known company has trusted.

of Lily was delighted. She is such girl girl, and for her was absolute happiness at last to pierce ears, she dreamed of it long ago.

It very much was proud of them and showed all. I have bought her three pairs of silver earrings that she could wear them after healing. She so waited for it!" Syuzi claims that she carefully wiped piercing with Rapid Aftercare lotion in every morning, in the afternoon and in the evening and that everything looked normally on August 22 when Lily have taken off the first pair of temporary earrings.



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