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Moscow wants to kill with elections to ORDLO two hares, - the political scientist

The announcement of so-called "local elections" to ORDLO - serious threat. It can lead to crisis in negotiation process and implementation of the Minsk Agreement. to

Such opinion to the 24th channel was expressed by the chairman of the board of the Center of the applied political researches "Penta" Vladimir Fesenko. the Political scientist emphasizes

: elections to ORDLO contradict the Minsk agreements. Have already said it in Ukraine and the EU. Such elections in 2014 have destroyed the first Minsk Agreement and have led to aggravation at the front. Therefore in the West are afraid that it hasn't occurred again.

Secondly, Fesenko considers if the occupational power of ORDLO announces elections, then with high probability the Verkhovna Rada won't consider extension for a year operation of the law on the special status of the region. It will give a reason to Moscow to say that Kiev leaves the Minsk Agreement.

In negotiation process and implementation of the Minsk Agreement has arisen serious crisis. It won't lead to destruction of Minsk-2 at once, negotiations will try to keep. But a difficult and drama game begins. Moscow as Putin's press secretary of Sands has said, won't leave arrangements and will demand from Kiev of their performance. The Kremlin can send signals to Berlin, Paris, Washington that elections can be postponed, but provided that the Verkhovna Rada will vote for the law on the special status of ORDLO,

- Vladimir Fesenko emphasizes.

In Kiev on such ultimatums, the expert considers, will hardly agree. This manifestation of weakness.

"If hold elections to ORDLO, and for it the parliament won't prolong operation of the law on the special status of the region, there will be an impasse and effect of lag. At least before the end of presidential elections in Ukraine. Moscow will accuse Kiev, hinting that it is necessary to remove sanctions from the Russian Federation", - the political scientist notices.

Elections, Fesenko says, Moscow wants to kill two hares: to solve a technical problem of legitimacy of the occupational power, and at the same time to scare the West and Kiev failure of the Minsk Agreement and aggravation of negotiations. However, on his belief, the western negotiators will act more flexibly.



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