Date: 5 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

More than 30 games became inaccessible to users of PlayStatin Classic

Gamers came to such conclusion, having seen датамайн consoles. To it in Network the special code was laid out recently.

Turns out that more than 30 games became inaccessible to users of PlayStatin Classic. Now players discuss an issue as it could occur.

the Task of the new console - return to age gamers of those games who took them in rather old times. Besides, the youth will be able to learn what was gold game classics of those years.

of PlayStatin Classic is a remaster of the very first such device. He is less by the size, however allows to remember old games, using at the same time the updated graphics.

After there was a discharge of data of the code, became visible difference between the main emulator and its user version.

Turned out that did not get to it the whole 36 games, among which there are also many hits of former years.

Is probable, these games were supposed to be included in the device, and during testing they to it were added. However, most likely, license agreements with owners on them were not signed, and they did not enter total assembly.



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