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Monza Rally Show 2018: MotoGP stars against legends of cross-country race, rally and Formula One

To be in these days off in Milan and not to reach to Monza - to be late for the whole season: from December 7 to December 9 on Circuito Nazionale di Monza - the last roar of a season, Monza Rally Show 2018, part in which is traditionally taken by the brightest stars of a car - and motorcycle sport of Italy and the whole Europe.

MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU, on December 6, 2018 - After a victory in the house motor-race "100 km dei Campioni" to Tavulye, Valentino Rossi goes to the North to confirm the status of the King of Monza.

the Route laid on streets of the suburb of Milan - Monza and to vicinities of the legendary Autodrome, for the first time appeared in 1978. Since then, steadily, at the end of November beginning of December this race is a magnet for fans of speed from all types of motor sport: here legends of FIA GT, WRC, cross-country race, MotoGP, rally sprint, rally raids and also journalists and managers of teams which one weekend change traditional instruments of production for a wheel of the racing car.

Ken Blok, Alex Zanardi, Valentino Rossi, Tony Kayroli and Lewis Hamilton's Participation cannot leave indifferent anybody - where still it is possible to meet all most famous athletes in one place?

Therefore, collects Monza Rally on 55000 viewers. It not only fans of MotoGP, but also MXGP which in Italy it is not less, but here and are enough fans of an auto racing - nevertheless, this autorally. And it is a show therefore all - for and for the sake of the audience! everything begins

this year with morning on Thursday, December 6. The first free trainings - an opportunity for participants of races to get acquainted with the route. During the next three days they are expected by continuous adventures and fights. Every day - the format. Monza Rally Show on the Autodrome comes to the end with a duel series. Rewarding of champions will take place on 19:00 Sundays, December 9.

Having won Rally of Monza in 2017, Valentino Rossi became the most successful participant of a race for all its 40-year history because he wrote down the 6th victory into the account. To Valentino the legendary racing driver of Le Mans 24 Rinaldo Capello was the leader of Monza Rally with five victories.

Watch news of Monza Rally Show 2018 on MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU! Wish good luck to both Valentino Rossi, and Antonio Kayroli who fight with each other (friendly honestly, but it is rigid) already 3 years.



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