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Monitors and snakes: on Danube for the first time there take place the Ukrainian-Romanian naval exercises

The passenger mooring of the Izmail marina was occupied today by the Romanian and Ukrainian warships and boats which have arrived to the official opening ceremony of the first joint exercises under the name Riverin-2018. Also the correspondent "Duma" has visited there.

the Initiative of carrying out these doctrines belongs to the Ukrainian side. Still a year ago the fresh idea to test new small a bronekater of the Gyurza-M type of the project 58155 not in parquet single combats with each other, and in difficult tactical exercises with boats and river monitors of our neighbor in Danube has come up at the management of VMSU. At the beginning of this year the meeting of commanders of Naval Forces of Ukraine and Romania on which it has been decided to take the first step has taken place. Doctrines have begun today, there will pass three days and will come to the end on September 6.

Participants will work joint actions of multinational boat tactical groups.

the Head of doctrines from the Ukrainian side the captain of the first rank Dmitry Kovalenko has told that crews of our boat groups now, more than ever, need experience of interaction due to the difficult situation in the Sea of Azov.

of Naval Forces of Ukraine have directed to doctrines two small armored artillery boats like "Gyurza-M" - Akkerman and Berdyansk, - and also the educational boat "Chigirin" as the staff ship. Three more boats - BG16, BG17 and BG83 "Nezhin" was allocated by Sea protection of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

From the Romanian side orders doctrines the commodore (the captain of the first rank) Nikolay Marchel, and their contribution to doctrines is presented by more serious units. The river monitor "Lasker Katarzhiu" (a board 47) entered into structure of a river flotilla 67 of a division at the end of 1996 heads the fleet of the neighbor. Its length 62, width 7,6, draft is 1,6 meters. Full displacement - about 550 tons. The crew 52 person, speed is up to 18 knots. It is armed with two towers with 100-mm tools and 30-mm art installation of national development and also machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons.

the Artillery boat "Rovine" (a board 180) is included in the structure of Naval Forces in the late eighties. Except 100 mm of the tool, are armed with the coupled 30-mm automatic machines and four-barreled machine guns. Length - over 50 meters, displacement is 410 tons, speed is about 16 knots. On official Romanian classification, treats big bronekater (Vedete Blindante Mari). The Romanian coast guard is presented by the boat with board number 3059.

After opening of doctrines the ships and boats came for joint maneuvering. Doctrines have to become annual, it is in the future supposed to include in the program of a task for aircraft and a land component.

of the Photo of Sergey Smolentsev



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