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Mondial will embody dreams of a powerful superbike with liter V5 on EICMA-2018

Mondial will embody dreams of a powerful superbike with liter V5 on EICMA-2018
Haven't waited for Honda? Nothing, the Italian MondialMoto, the successor of the Mondial brand prepares for small-scale release a superbike with the moshchneyny V5 engine.

Studying the market 10 years ago, have come to Mondial to opinion that the moment has come, and have begun development. In Honda also conducted development of new V5 which could come to replacement of Fireblade, but... expectations last 6 years. In Mondial have decided to announce a novelty already now to collect preorders for a bike of model of 2019 which, as expected, will be presented on EICMA-2019.

the Power of the power plant is stated at the level or exceeding 200 hp with a dry mass of the motorcycle of 179 kg.

of MondialMoto have attracted €2.5 million investments for R&D and have created two prototypes: Mondial V5R Superbike and its facilitated V5S analog. Considering that the cost of modern superbikes promptly grows in serial execution year after year and approaches an average level in €20000, the price on V5S looks reasonably - it is €27995. The loaded version of V5R will cost €35995.

In a top complete set "full forcemeat" the motorcycle will be equipped with a carbonic frame monocoque, carbonic rims, electronic pendants & 214; hlins, a totality of the operating racing electronics and full titanic release. In the version of V5S the frame and rims will be aluminum, and pendants without electronic control.

Preliminary Mondial V5R Superbike specifications:

Engine: V5 75.5 hail. of 1000 cc, 20 titanic клап.,
Extent of compression: 13.5:1

the Sliping coupling in
connecting rods
Power: more than 200 hp on 13000 rpm
KPP 6 of speeds of cassette
Full titanic release with a sensor
of the Electronic engineer: EFI
Power supply system: injector, throttles of 50 mm; changeable length of an inlet collector
Completely digital
of ABS, MQS, MPC, bezklyuchevy access, electronic blocking of a steering column, the alarm system with the GPS indicator, a possibility of remote start of the engine, built-in
GPS navigator
of Ram: carbonic monocoque, carbonic
Pendulum: aluminum
of the Wheel: carbonic

of the Brake: monoblock Brembo, disks of 320 mm

of the Pendant:

electronically the operated fork & 214; hlins of 48 mm

steering damper & 214; hlins


height on a saddle: 787 mm
angle of rotation: 24th hail.

wheel base: 1435 mm
Dry weight: 179 kg
of the Tire: at choice of Pirelli/Bridgestone.



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