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Ministry of Health: For the last week the incidence of measles in Ukraine grew by 35%

Since the beginning of 2018 with measles 38108 people - 14609 adults and 23,499 children got sick, 15 people died of complications, reported in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

For the last week incidence of measles grew by 35% in comparison with the last week. On November 13 reported about it and the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Is noted that for the last week with measles 1682 persons - 506 adults and 1176 children got sick.

Since the beginning of 2018 ached with measles 38108 people (14609 adults and 23,499 children, 15 people (four adults and 11 children) died of complications.

In Minzrava emphasized that they have most of all measles in areas where vaccination is at the lowest level.

Most often have measles in Lviv (7,845 people), Ivano-Frankivsk (3,816 people), Transcarpathian (3,582 people) and the Odessa (2,567) regions. And also in the city of Kiev - 2,445 people.

the Ministry of Health reminded that there is no measles medicine, and the only way to be protected from a disease - vaccination.

Measles - an acute infectious viral disease which can lead to a lethal outcome. Main symptoms of a disease: high temperature, inflammation of mucous membranes of an oral cavity and the upper airways, conjunctivitis, spotty and papular rash on skin and the general intoxication.

the Virus of measles is extremely infectious, it is quickly given in the airborne way. This virus can live in air and on surfaces till two o'clock after the sick person left the room. Nine of 10 not immunized people contacting to the patient catch.

on September 13, 2018 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine forbade not imparted children to visit educational institutions.



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