Date: 9 months ago   Category: Sport

Mikhail Shumilin became the new champion of the Moscow region on ring motorcycle races

On Moscow Raceway the summer racing season of 2018 has come to the end, the victory in the championship of the Moscow region on Superbike was won by the representative of St. Petersburg Mikhail Shumilin. Results of the S1000RR CUP TRD Superbike Open 1000 and BMW championships.

participants of a series have approached a final race densely: for a champion title two representatives of St. Petersburg - Shumilin and Pavlov were cut. Before the final they were divided by 15 points, and, Pavlov was in the lead in this race. Oleg Davydov went the third, however he hasn't taken part in an August race.

In a decisive race leadership was taken by Pyotr Kozheurov, however, the newly made champion of Russia on эндуранс has decided not to interfere with fight of applicants and has moved down for a circle to the finish. Pavlov has made a serious mistake, has fallen and has tried to return to a race, having passed the most part of rivals, including Shumilin forward. Alexander has crossed the line of the finish the 7th, but then has gone to the medical center and has even not risen by a podium.

Considering it, Mikhail Shumilin has jumped through the young rival in both offsets - Superbike Open 1000 and BMW S1000RR Cup, and Pavlov became the 2nd both there, and there.

Three of prize-winners of TRD Superbike Open 1000:

1. Shumilin Mikhail - 337
2. Pavlov Alexander - 305

3. Grigoriev Sergey - 225

In the traditional competitions TRD BMW S1000R Cup:

1. Shumilin Mikhail - 367
2. Pavlov Alexander - 335

3. Evgeny Gokhgut - 238



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