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Microsoft was caught on bribes and kickbacks at sale of Word in Hungary

The American authorities conduct investigation concerning Microsoft corporation on suspicion of bribery and corruption at sale of the software to government agencies of Hungary, The Wall Street Journal with reference to the sources familiar with a question reports.

Interlocutors of the edition have told that the U.S. Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) study how Microsoft in 2013 and 2014 sold the software, in particular the Word and Excel programs, to intermediary firms in Hungary which then sold these products to government agencies.

Intermediaries received products of the company at greatly reduced prices, and then sold ON government agencies of Hungary, but already at the price close to full. Investigators have suspected that intermediaries used the formed difference to pay bribes and kickbacks to officials.

As specifies the edition, Microsoft in 2012 has made an attempt to dissuade the Hungarian government from use of free text editors and spreadsheets from competitors. In November, 2012 the executive operating officer Kevin Turner of that time has met the prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán who has brought with himself group of owners of the small companies. Within the next two years of Microsoft annually I sold to such PO companies for $30 million, sometimes with discounts which could reach 30%. At the same time the newspaper notes what can't still be defined what part from these sales was exposed to check.

In Microsoft have said that the company cooperates with Ministry of Justice and SEC. According to her representative, four employees connected with transactions in Hungary, including her country manager Istvan Pappus, are already dismissed. The company has also reported that last year it has stopped business relations with four partners in Hungary, having stated that they have broken to her politician.

the Law of the USA on corruption abroad forbids the enterprises to bribe to develop or keep the business.

Before the power studied the relations of Microsoft with business partners in China, Romania, Italy, Russia and Pakistan. The assumptions sounded that these partners were engaged in bribery of government officials or provided kickbacks.



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