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Microsoft urged to forget Internet Explorer: what occurred

Representatives of Microsoft corporation called users for care with use of well-known
the Microsoft Corporation recognized the branded Internet Explorer browser as unsafe and advised to refuse its use as the main web observer.

the Corresponding statement was made by the expert of Microsoft in cyber security Chris Jackson in the blog entry of Windows IT Pro published by it. Jackson urged not to use Internet Explorer as the browser by default, having motivated it with the fact that its full support is stopped in 2015, along with an exit of the successor of IE - the Edge browser.

Now Internet Explorer not only can be used by hackers for computer hacking of the victim. This browser also does not support modern web standards. The code of the browser became outdated, new versions do not appear, and it does it, actually, useless when viewing relevant resources. Occasionally Microsoft releases safety patches for Internet Explorer, however sometimes they only aggravate a situation.

So, the emergency updating released at the end of December, 2018 with the index for IE 9-11 KB4467691 a privodilok to problems with loading of Windows on laptops with a small volume of random access memory. The problem mentioned mobile Lenovo personal computers running all relevant OS of Microsoft.

From the fact that Internet Explorer is not able to display correctly modern websites follows, strangely enough, its main advantage.

In spite of the fact that the browser is not updated nearly four years, a number of the Internet portals, still are not optimized under popular browsers, including Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It is possible to carry to them also various programs with the web interface.

of Microsoft promises to release soon the new version of Microsoft Edge which will move to the Chromium platform that it will make it compatible to many websites and also will allow to use convenient expansions, as in Chrome. The improved browser from Microsoft will work with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, outdated Windows 7 and also on Mac and Linux. According to Jackson, it will allow Microsoft Edge to be in a trend of changes of web standards, but not to adapt to them a post factum.




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