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Metrowerks: end of the fairy tale

In the late nineties and at the beginning of zero equal rivals at the company wasn't. CodeWarrior was and remained the best. The monopoly position always spoils the monopolist - but Metrowerks was an exception of this rule... The best has been won free.

B 1998, in response to a request of the reader to recommend tools of the developer for writing Mas'ovskikh of programs, I called three: "CodeWarrior, CodeWarrior and CodeWarrior". If I wasn't "personally" familiar to

with the recommended companion, I would think the same as you: the paid article, "denim". But I was familiar, I have even visited at the primary source. And all Mas'ovskiye developers with whom I communicated agreed with the recommendation.

B 1996 of Metrowerks has begun active expansion on the most different platforms. The development environment was ported in Windows and on some Unix'Y (besides that they were, more nothing is known of the last, probably haven't approached).

the Main direction of expansion became generation of a code for huge number of different platforms, computer and built in: BeOS, ARM, NEC v8xx and VRxxxx, MIPS (ISA I-IV) and for many others. In many cases of CodeWarrior became the main tools of the developer for the built-in platforms and game consoles (at this CodeWarrior was established on Mac or on the computer with Windows). would drop down

of Transfer of all platforms for which CodeWarrior could generate a code for the whole article. Them was much. the Version of tools for Windows (32-itny) supported

MFC, the version for Mas'ov, besides own library of the classes PowerPlant (on style of application of C it is similar to BeOS libraries), supported MacApp and App2PPC.

In August, 1999 Metrowerks has been acquired by Motorola, for 95 million dollars, and was a part of the sector of semiconductor products of this company (Motorola of SPS). For me and for my colleagues it was surprise - Metrowerks was at the peak of success, but as it has become clear in a couple of years, it was the only correct decision...

Is the third, final, a part of mini-series about Metrowerks CodeWarrior. Previous parts:

First: Metrowerks: fantastic rise of the small company;

Second: Metrowerks CodeWarrior is in the lead. Under the power of Motorola the Refusal of Metrowerks of sovereignty, strangely enough, has changed nothing for clients of this company. As before, two times a year left new versions of CodeWarrior, with noticeable and tasty improvements. The service of technical support, one of the weakest positions of the company at the very beginning of tough opposition with Symantec, has surpassed "teacher" and, in my opinion, there was nearly the best in the industry.

Ya was one of clients, and has tested all this on the skin. That it isn't simple "one more company" now, and division of huge unsinkable Motorola, nothing reminded (except additions in letters of support and in documentation on accessory of copyright).

the Autonomous republic of Metrowerks made for new owners quite good profit, and nobody not sob



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