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Merkel in "poor man's" shoes in Kiev became a star: Not that our small dogs botox

The official visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Kiev didn't leave Ukrainians by indifferent

the Politician has managed to surprise with everything: from the Ukrainian greeting before a peculiar choice of footwear. So, for an official visit Merkel has preferred convenient footwear on a low sole, than has struck Ukrainians.

On social networks of Merkel continue to compare to the Ukrainian politicians. And it must be said, all of them not in favor of the last.

Users not only have noted "usual" style of Merkel, but also what she does for the country. Ukrainians have urged politicians to learn from the German colleague.

"The clear head, the person from capital letter, but not our baba-yaga in Louboutins, and deputatka from the PPB in suits for 3000 euros", "All this is normal. She does everything for the country. And ours only also think for belongings and than more expensively. Low bow to this woman", "Ours have from rags to riches come to pinch, and there are leaders patriots for the power and people serve", "What is surprising, the power hasn't spoiled her, unlike many vlastyimushchy! Both there was a modest woman and remained", - write in social networks.

"The woman with the highlight, Respect, and Respect!!! Lives in the usual apartment... Not that "our small dogs" at whom it is just opposite even to look.... In Europe all for the People.... Unfortunately Vlast belongs to our people as to cattle, and it is the fact!!!", "They have other values and they are honest and responsible politicians. These are ours don't know already what to get on on themselves and to be advertized - thieves and bastards in power", "Prostenko and with taste. She has a long day and the intense schedule of work. It is necessary that by the end of day of a leg weren't ill. Right choice", - Ukrainians note.

"Because abroad politicians work for people, and in Ukraine people for politicians", "Clothes don't make the man. She doesn't plunder the people, she is a leader and knows the own worth", "If to do good for the people, then you will be respected irrespective of your clothes", "She has a conscience and reason, and our "peacocks" impudently cover the negligibility with expensive rattles", "All these women with braids and botoksa don't cost also a penny, this woman deserves respect. Tell and where to find such patriot for Ukraine?", - compare Merkel to the Ukrainian politicians. we Will note

that on Thursday, November 1, the German leader has arrived to Kiev with a one-day visit.

during Merkel's press conference has commented on a question of observance of the Minsk Agreement. She has noted that the parties haven't achieved considerable progress in implementation of arrangements therefore Germany is going to continue to put pressure upon Russia by means of sanctions.




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