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Mercedes-Benz has opened the first electric crossover

The Mercedes-Benz company has presented the first production electrocrossover under the name EQC. It is the first model of the EQ subbrand under which environmentally friendly models of DM will be produced. Dimensional length of the electric crossover is

4761 millimeter, width - 1884 millimeters, height - 1624 millimeters, and the extent of wheel base reaches 2873 millimeters.

Thus, the car has turned out 105 millimeters longer, on six millimeters already and 15 millimeters lower than the GLC model. Distance between axes at two cars identical. At the same time the electric car weighs almost on half-tons more than top 510-strong GLC 63 S - 2,42 of ton.

the Novelty is equipped with two electric motors - on one on a forward and back axis. Their total power is 408 horsepowers (300 kilowatts), and the maximum torque is equal to 765 Nanometers. Engines are powered from a set of lities - ion batteries with a capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours which weight is 650 kilograms. He is located in a floor between axes.

From scratch to "one hundred" the electrocrossover can accelerate in 5,1 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to electronics on 180 kilometers per hour.

the Stock of the course of Mercedes-Benz EQC - about 450 kilometers (the company notes that indicators still "preliminary"). The electric power expense in the mixed cycle makes 22,2 kilowatt-hours on 100 kilometers of a run. Depending on type and the power of the zaryadochny station in 40 minutes of the battery it is possible "to fill" for 10-80 percent.

the Crossover is equipped with the system of recovery of energy when braking which overall performance changes understeering petals. In total five modes - from automatic to the most effective in which pressing a brake pedal isn't even required are provided (the car at once will begin to be slowed down quickly at an accelerator otpuskaniye).

at the same time electronics will prompt to the driver the most effective style of driving calculated on data from the navigation system (turns, intersections and a bias of the road), only a few restrictive signs of speed and distances to cars on a route ahead. For example, the recommendation to take away a leg from the accelerator pedal will be output to the projective display if the road goes under a bias soon.

In addition, the crossover will receive the multimedia MBUX system with function of voice-activated control, the electronic dashboard, function of remote start of climate control and a possibility of recharge at almost any stations regardless of the company owning them. It is for this purpose planned to use the uniform account of the Mercedes me Charge system from which payment will be made.

Besides, the car will get access to network of stations of fast recharge IONITY which is in common developed by BMWs, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. By 2020 in Europe about 400 stations of this network will appear. Also for model own house station of recharge is prepared.

Assembly of Mercedes-Benz EQC will be developed at the plant in Bremen where to a vyp



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