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Medicinal cannabis was legalized in Great Britain. What's next?

Business in full legalization?

After legalization of medicinal cannabis can sharply fall consumption of usual drugs. Activists of a campaign intend to strengthen pressure upon the government now to legalize also recreational cannabis, Vice writes.

B than difference of medical cannabis from recreational?

Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol - substance which causes euphoria and feeling of relaxation. Also she contains
the Main thing - it is quantity of a kannabidiol. Medical grades are distinguished by his increased contents. In recreational hemp каннабидиол is too, but it is a little - within 1 percent, is more rare - two. And here in medical grades the level of a kannabidiol can reach 8 and more percent.

of 60 percent of respondents of the research conducted by request of the Joint alliance of patients which represents the interests of patients, have said that they have significantly reduced amount of pharmaceutical drugs which they took for correction of many states, after the beginning of intake of medical cannabis.

the Research has also shown that 76 percent of the British public will be ready to use drugs on the basis of cannabis if they are appointed by the doctor, and 65 percent of respondents have said that they will use also class B medicines if they are decriminalized. Great Britain in the vast majority supports by

full legalization of cannabis that indicates sharp shift in public opinion.

However legal access to medical products on the basis of cannabis will be provided today only to those people who have "an unsatisfied special clinical need which can't be satisfied with the licensed products".

meanwhile recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada - the country with strong historical links to Great Britain which isn't famous for reckless policy - has provided to politicians in Great Britain food for thought. Coca-Cola wants to produce soft drink with cannabis addition. Deputies and the sources close to the government say that they don't provide any weakening of the existing laws around recreational cannabis at the present government as the prime minister, as we know, categorically against such step. Earlier this summer "The institute of economy" has called

for full legalization, describing the potential course as "safe" while assessment of the current black market makes 2,6 billion pounds sterling a year.

is alarming only estimated risk which cannabis creates for mental health of young people. However the lead medical institutions, such as Royal college of doctors, declared recently that they will reconsider the policy. Now marijuana - the most used drug in Britain. By data for 2016, from more than 16th thousand cases of detection of marijuana only on 292 episodes violators have received t



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