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Media: The CEC removes from registration of the people's deputy Polyakov because of crime

The Central Election Commission prepares documents for removal from registration of the candidate for People's Deputies on 101 districts in the Kirovohrad region of Maxim Polyakov. The Online edition "Open Ukraine" reports about it.

the Basis - criminal proceedings upon corruption and to exaggeration by official position. The speech that Polyakov got a bribe from foreigners to whom he helped with Ukraine to extract amber illegally. Case was investigated by two years and at last brought to trial. Now Polyakov not only the suspect, but also the defendant, notes the edition.

But Polyakov in court is not and about the reasons of absence does not report. At the same time expects to receive the deputy mandate again, and together with it and long-awaited parliamentary immunity.

are sure Of the CEC that such actions of the deputy Polyakov are deliberate attempt to avoid punishment and therefore decided to withdraw him from elections that the court objectively could establish degree of his fault in the brought charges.

Besides, as is well-known, the People's Deputy from People's Front party lives in grand style, but declares doubtful data, covering the real income from the state. Without forgetting to receive at the same time privileges from the state budget, having 250,000 dollars in hard cash.

So far Polyakov swears fidelity to voters of the Kirovohrad region, his young wife Margarita has a rest in the luxury resort Maldiv, in hotel where week's holiday will cost Ukrainians in 53 minimum wages, Open Ukraine emphasizes.

shared Photos from Polyakov's rest on the page on Facebook not so long ago. At first tegnut the name of hotel - "Milaidhoo Island Maldives", but after a while, having possibly understood the mistake, left only the message under the photo: "The sea leaves back. The sea leaves to sleep".

according to the popular portal, one week of rest in "Milaidhoo Island Maldives" costs about 215 thousand UAH, and these are 53 minimum wages or 142 minimum pensions.



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