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MBK Mykolaiv took a revenge from BQ Odessa for defeat in the first circle

Basketball. Superleague. The BQ Odessa - MBK Mykolaiv - 83:95

Prior to the game

Nearly a month of MBK Mykolaiv was without game practice. The team returned from "vacation", and at once - a basic duel with the neighbor in standings. In the current season rivals already played in the Southern Palmyra, and the victory was won by BQ Odessa - <>
The other day Oleg Yushkin's team was left by the playmaker Klim Artamonov and the forward Alexander Tyshchenko. But in a holder of inhabitants of Odessa and there are so enough tested basketball fighters - Maxim Pustozvonov alone and Rostislav Krivich of what stand!

A of MBK Mykolaiv before a match missed center Konstatin Anikiyenko.

the Game BQ "Odessa" - MBK Mykolaiv - 85:93 (20:25, 26:23, 18:21, 21:24)
on December 6, Odessa. USK "Odessa". 377 viewers. Effectiveness (points/minutes in a game) VITOLS 18 32 ZOTOV 20 25 PROKOPENKO 2 28 POPOV 14 30 BELIKOV 9 15 ONUFRIEV 12 31 HELMANIS 17 32 PRIYMAK 10 30 SHELYAKOV 9 20 ADEDIRAN 14 24 Shchepkin 12 31 Davydyuk 6 13 Pustozvonov of 16 24 Musiyenko 6 19 R. Krivich 0 3 Zhukovsky 3 13 Tkachuk 0 4 Hokhonik 5 7 Balaban of 0 3 Tonchenko 3 7 Novikov 2 4 Skripets 0 5 Head coach
Oleg YUSHKIN the Head coach
Vitaly CHERNY the Accuracy of throws (threw/got) 2-point 39/20 38/23 3-point 25/7 14/6 Penal 36/24 39/29 Selections (the board/stranger) 20/18 29/12 Judges: S. Zashchuk, Yu. Shcherbak (both are Kiev), E. Nagorny (Cherkasy) Latvian Vitols opened the account in a match bright because of an arch, and the volley from Adediran, Davydyuk and Zotov in reply followed. 3:9! But at BQ Odessa other legionaries from Latvia Helmanis and Shelyakov were played, and Shchepkin loaded in a ring from perimeter. 13:11. However MBK Mykolaiv intercepted an initiative again, and after a series of hits of Zotov shot ahead. 16:19. MBK Mykolaiv was in the lead until the end of the first quarter, and a tryulnik put the end the captain Onufriyev. 20:25.

In the second period Onufriyev and Adediran caught a sight, and MBK Mykolaiv came off the rival on ten points. 26:36. Inhabitants of Odessa were selected closer - 35:40. Hokhonik and Popova brought residents of Nikolayev forward to seven points twice. Here only the BQ Odessa before a big break groped the game. At the score 42:45 of MBK Mykolaiv took a timeout. After a minute on reflection Onufriyev is exact from perimeter, and at inhabitants of Odessa Shelyakov got to a ring twice. 46:48. Interesting fact: in twenty minutes of team 32 fouls picked up!

the Third quarter began with a tryulnik of the player of the national team of Ukraine Pustozvonov. 49:48. MBK Mykolaiv made an escape attempt again, Adediran chucked in two with a foul - a board 51:55. Tryulnik Popov. 53:59! From perimeter also Vitols is exact, but residents of Nikolayev Davydyuk, Zotov, Tonchenko and Zhukovsky brought a difference to ten points. 57:67. Pustozvonov and Shelyakov won back five points, did not add optimism and the fourth foul of Zotov. MBK Mykolaiv won this period with the score 64:69.

In the fourth period Helmanis because of an arch reduced a separation to a minimum. 70:71. Zotov and Onufriyev took away team



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