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Mazhorku-tusovshchitsu excluded from "The servant of the people", the beauty is revolted: "What is with me not so?"

It is unclear as it in general was included in the list as it was far from policy and public work. June 9, the Servant of the People party held by

On Sunday a congress where it presented the first hundred candidates who will stand for parliament. In lists of party on 73 positions there was a 25-year-old hot blonde Irina Panchenko.

Was unclear as it in general was included in the list as still Kiev party-goer was far from policy and public work. Said that the father - the businessman Sergey Panchenko paid for it. Read

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On Wednesday, June 12, in Servant of the People party reported that after additional check Irina Panchenko was excluded from the list. the Strana Edition tried to take

the comment from Irina about it. From the written-down short interview it becomes clear that the girl does not know that needed to be made to be included in the list of party through passage. However, she is indignant with the fact that someone can consider it "not suitable" for the candidate.

we Give interpretation of telephone conversation of the journalist with Irina Panchenko.

"-whether you Had an interview with Dmitry Razumkov or with someone from party leadership? Did you submit the application on the website of party?

- I submitted the application. But as I consist in this party, offered me. Because I work there.

- So to you suggested to become the 73rd number in the list of party or you submitted the application on the website?

-... What do you have against? I, in your opinion, somehow do not approach in this party? There are some specific questions to me? What in me not so?!

- the Specific question is. You have 73rd number in the list. It is a part of the list through passage. How you were included in the list? It is rumored that for your place in the list paid. And what your version?

- I submitted the application. Filled out the questionnaire.

- And what three bills you submitted in this questionnaire?

is (Pause) And why I to you have to read them? I submitted them not to you. Not you selected me. You will select me somewhere, I will give you what you will tell.

- So we try to understand by what criteria you were selected. And if you planned to advance these bills, having become the deputy...

- That-that?

- I say that if you wanted to become a deputy...

- you it is badly heard... (short beeps were heard, it was not succeeded to contact Irina more)"




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