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Maxim Kuryachy: one billion for the space-rocket industry of Ukraine

The People's Deputy Maxim Kuryachy during the activity in parliament became the initiator and the coauthor of the whole complex of the anti-recessionary bills directed to support of the space-rocket industry and also the strategic enterprises of Dnieper CB Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash.

Among them is debt relief on the electric power (400 million UAH), exemption from the import duty for accessories, restructuring of debt on the international credits, remission of land tax and numerous repayment of wage arrears.

Is done enormous work, it was succeeded to stabilize substantially work of the space-rocket industry, to help at the most difficult moments to labor collectives.

By various estimates of experts, thanks to laws and changes to Maxim Kuryachem was succeeded to attract to them in addition in the industry more than one billion hryvnias.

the Political scientist Natalya Belous noted that Maxim Kuryachy became the real lobbyist of interests of Dnieper: "Know about it in the mayor's office, in parliament and in the Cabinet of Ministers. In new parliament he will continue to be engaged in infrastructure projects, support of the space-rocket industry and other questions which are on the agenda". So, for example, adoption of law No. 5281 on support of the state to the strategic space-rocket industry according to which 400 million hryvnias were directed to repayment of debt for the electric energy consumed by the Yuzhmash enterprise allowed to stabilize a financial and economic situation, in a new way to plan economic activity of the enterprise. Besides, Yuzhmash provided with the electric power several tens of houses therefore repayment of debts was very topical issue for residents of the whole residential district.

Law No. 5113 on introduction of amendments to the Law of Ukraine "About financial improvement of the state enterprise "Yuzhmash" was also initiated by Maxim Kuryachim with colleagues from parliament.

What was provided by the Law? First, this ensuring utilization of capacity by the state order, including, to the state defense order since 2017. Secondly, repayment with the enterprise of debt to the state quarterly equal parts within 10 years, since 2020 according to the development plan for the enterprise approved by the Cabinet. For the sum of debt percent are not charged.

As is noted in the explanatory note to the bill, its realization will allow to avoid bankruptcy of Yuzhmash, will provide conditions for increase in the outputs and its diversification and, as a result, will lead to improving competitiveness of Ukraine in the world market of space mechanical engineering and arms, to increase in employment of the population and assignments of taxes and fees in budgets of all levels.

Bill No. 5245 was also directed to financial improvement of the strategic domestic enterprises "Antonov" and "Yuzhmash". "The main objective - creation of effective conditions for improvement фи



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