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Max Barskikh will light on the Zaporizhia beach

In Zaporizhia will take place the grandiose beach
28 and 29 of June of Zaporozhetses waits for the large-scale celebration of two holidays at once - the Constitution day and the Youth Day. In Tourist information center of Zaporizhia the press conference at which told about the program of the Beach Boom festival took place.

divided the Program in such a way that on June 28 will become in the musical afternoon, and on June 29 - generally sports. The press conference was held by the deputy mayor of Zaporizhia Anatoly Pustovarov and the youth mayor of Zaporizhia Sergey Ilchenko.

on the Central beach will address on June 28 Zaporozhetses the Agon group, the singer of Tayanna, and Max Barskikh will become a headliner. Will light air stars - Vasilisa Ryadnykh and Slava Dyomin. Zaporozhetses will be addressed also by local groups and vocalists.

on June 29 on the beach there will take place water fight, will organize heats for different age categories and a competition on wet bikes. Will equip a separate zone for children. Evening will come to the end with a speech of the Zaporizhia musicians and DJs.

of All Zaporozhetses invite to a grandiose action where everyone will find entertainment to liking. The beginning of festive actions in <>
- We will make a big holiday for all Zaporozhetses because now summer, and it - is a high time for holidays. I consider that it is an excellent opportunity to have fun for our youth at Dnieper, - Anatoly Pustovarov noted. - We invite stars of high level that it was valid a bright holiday. It is sure that everything will pass grandiosely! We invite all that then nobody blamed himself that missed such abrupt actions. Come!

As was noted by Anatoly Pustovarov, on the beach rescuers will work in the emergency mode.

In turn Sergey Ilchenko emphasized that the Zaporizhia youth is engaged in the organization of a holiday, and it is also excellent opportunity to prove.

- can often be heard Recently that the youth is not rather active and does not show an initiative, but it definitely not about the Zaporizhia youth, - the youth mayor noted. - Confirmation to that is that we once again united for the sake of the organization of a holiday for all city. We want to prove that the youth can be trusted also such high trust and proceeds from the city authorities. I want from all youth to tell many thanks to the mayor of Zaporizhia Vladimir Buryak who gives the chance to us to prove. Such cooperation between youth and the power has to be present that the city developed.



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