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MARUV told about sex with girls

The Ukrainian singer of MARUV (Anna Korsun) who refused participation in "Eurovision-2019" because of tours over the country aggressor disclosed details of intimate life.

In an interview for the edition "Iodine. Media" the 27-year-old performer admitted that she did not decide on the sexual orientation yet. "I can the lesbian. Just I did not investigate this party of yet", - scandalous MARUV said.

at the same time a celebrity specified that it learned to kiss on the girlfriends and when the journalist took an interest whether Anna had a sex with girls - she evaded the question. "Let me leave it at myself. I can only tell that kissed girlfriends at school", - the singer noted.

If not the husband... / Instagram

Korsun added that in a bed her so explosive behavior, as well as on the stage. Earlier the performer told about the intimate life in more detail. It is interesting that in Instagram of a celebrity it is full of erotic photos with participation of sexy girls.

Moreover, will take place a premiere of the clip soon on the Siren Song song which the actress wrote for Natsotbor on "Eurovision-2019", and then refused to speak at the international song contest.

of Korsun noted that video is shot in luxury hotel. In a roller several sexy girls will appear in the bathroom. "For our people it can seem superepatazhny and unusual, and abroad to what we removed, will surprise nobody any more", - MARUV admitted.

of MARUV not to get used to naked girls in bathtub / Instagram
Smoking damages your health / Instagram
Then the girl explained why she does not consider herself by a part of the Ukrainian shoubiz. According to Anna, in Ukraine show business mixed up with policy therefore it also does not carry itself to persons of domestic star space.

"I feel like more person of the world, but not the singer who belongs to one caste. Here I do not love all these borders, stereotypes, labels which try to hang up one, on other actor, depending on a situation and newsmakers", - the singer blurted out.

expressed the sexual orientation before the Hollywood actress Amber Heard who said more than once that she feels physical attraction both to men, and to women.



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