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Martin Brundle about results Gran Pri of Mexico

The former racer of the Formula 1, the commentator of Sky Sports F1 Martin Brundle have summed up the week-end results in Mexico City...

we Will congratulate Lewis Hamilton on the fifth title - and we will hope for bigger. This year Hamilton was ahead of the workmate Bottas again - and has played racers of Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen. At the beginning and the middle of a season Ferrari had

advantage in speed, than Sebastian surely used. In some races - in Austria, Monaco and Mexico - the best car was at Red Bull, but as a result Lewis was stronger. He made less mistakes, than Vettel, and has minimized losses in those races where Ferrari was quicker.

the Good example - Gran Pri of Germany where Lewis started the 14th and has won a race, and Vettel has descended. We will remember a tremendous circle during qualification in Singapore where at Mercedes always problems. In 19 races Hamilton has won nine victories, 15 times has risen by a podium and has descended only once - in Austria - excellent result for team. Hamilton couldn't Win against

Mexico City. Having started the third, he has broken through on the second place on the first circle. Ahead Max Verstappen who was incredibly angry with the poll lost the day before - and sleeping as a result of only three hours this night went. All have already got used that it is worth being afraid of the angry Dutch.

have brought three softest structures, the autodrome of a name of brothers To Pirelli Rodriguez is used seldom, asphalt is washed out every night by a rain so even in zones of braking there was no layer of worn-out rubber.

On the 11th circle Lewis could fight for a victory, but then has begun to lose speed because of wear of tires and rivals have appeared quicker. The second year in a row Lewis has won a title following the results of a race in which he couldn't attack and has even not risen by a podium.

In Red Bull could win a victorious double if Daniel Ricciardo had had no problems with reliability again. From time to time they happen at all, but is as frequent as at Ricciardo driving one of the best cars of the Formula 1 - it seems improbable. Even in Monaco he has won a race driving the damaged car. His delight from a Saturday poll on Sunday has turned into cry of despair because of refusal of hydraulics.

At Verstappen has appeared the quality peculiar to great racers. Now he isn't simply fast, but also is capable to try to obtain success by car, inconvenient for him. Some from great as Kimi Räikkönen, are capable to keep tires to the finish of a race, having endured a puzyreniye phase when the rest has to make two Pit stop. Bottas, for example, has carried out three Pit stop and used four sets of tires on a race distance.

If just to look at the protocol, can seem that the race was boring. Verstappen has won a victory with advantage in 17 seconds over Vettel, Räikkönen has lost to the leader of nearly 50 seconds, and the last from remained in a circle and become the world champion - 78 seconds. Bottas has conceded to the leader a circle, all others - two circles, and Grosjean - three. But Hyulkenberg, Leclair, Vandorn also Faded away could break on a peloton and score points, besides we ув



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