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Martial law in Ukraine: the people's deputy cleared the fate of local elections

In Ukraine the local elections planned for December 23 will not be cancelled because of martial law.

Such forecast was sounded on air of ObozTV by the People's Deputy from the PPB Valery Karpuntsov. According to him, the Verkhovna Rada will support the relevant bill of the president Petro Poroshenko of ensuring elections.

the Politician noted that election commissions are already created and candidates are proposed. Karpuntsov explained

when Rada can make the decision on elections.

"A question on Friday will not be brought up, I look in the agenda, there is no it. According to provisions of the law under which at us martial law, the parliament works in the plenary mode during martial law", - he told.

"I think, to bring together deputies next plenary week will not be a problem. I do not know whether will bring together Rada next week or it will be according to plan in a week. There can be an option that before most on December 23 will take vote and will make this decision", - the deputy from the PPB added. at the same time Karpuntsov assured

that under the presidential bill "the positive decision has to be".

In Ukraine imposed martial law in 10 areas till December 26, 2018. Under operation of the law the Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson, Chernihiv regions got. the Information show " Studio" you look

daily on weekdays at 10:00 at ObozTV.



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