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"Main line 103": in 8 regions of Ukraine and Kiev start the new system of the emergency medical aid

For ensuring the international standards of speed and quality of the emergency medical care the electronic system "Main Line 103" is created.

her introduction in the test mode begins in the Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Poltava, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson regions and the city of Kiev.

Thanks to modern dispatching offices, new protocols and the central system calls will be quickly processed, and to reach crews of the emergency help on the scene quicker, is reported on MOZ website.

the Following step after introduction of the Main Line 103 system in the test mode has to become development of uniform requirements to quick and dispatching services. It is necessary in order that all other regions which have only begun modernization of the dispatching offices did it is unified.

After end of the test period all regions in which quick and dispatching services are joint will be able to be connected to the central system.

over time "103" integrate the Main line into the Electronic Health system. It will allow to create the full electronic medical record of the patient and to provide data exchange between the system of the emergency medicine and other levels of delivery of health care.

Information reference:

According to existing rules, crew of the emergency medical care has to arrive to the scene in the cities - in 10 min., and in rural areas - in 20 min. However the actual duration of expectation of crew of EMP can take more time. One of the main reasons for such situation is the obsolescence of the software of dispatching services, lack of uniform protocols of processing of a call, the non-optimal choice of cars, an unsuccessful arrangement of substations, lack of the analysis of data on a real situation in regions. The project on optimization of work of quick and dispatching services will help to resolve these issues and to enter the international standards of rendering the emergency medical care in Ukraine.



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