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Lyashko in a jacket for 18 thousand cut a poor figure in nursing home. Richly you will not forbid to live... Photo

The leader of "Radical party" 46-year-old Oleh Lyashko visited nursing home in very expensive
at the end of April Lyashko presented to grandmothers on a rosette in nursing home in the village of Putrovka (Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region). The corresponding post appeared on its page on social network Facebook.

"Share good and it will return to you!", - the People's Deputy of the subscribers called and reminded that it is necessary to pay more attention to lonely people.

at the same time journalists paid attention to a fashionable windbreaker in which the people's deputy visited people of old age.

Turned out that it is a jacket of the known British Burberry brand which admirer is the main radical of the country. by

Earlier in a tennis shirt of this firm, Lyashko bought pants in the market in Myrgorod. Now it was lit in a dark blue jacket bomber jacket from water-repellent fabric.

the Price of such windbreaker - €600 or 17,652 UAH at the rate of the NBU for 13.05.2019. There is a set of coloring of this model: from coffee to black.

By the way, a logo of the Burberry brand was developed and approved in 1904 - it is the rider on a horse. Weapon means the protection level which was provided by waterproof outerwear, the knight displays noble ideals of the company, and the Latin word "prorsum" (forward) became the motto of the company open for all new and aspiring to an ideal. we Will note

that Ukrainians apprehended Lyashk's act for public relations about what they wrote in comments: "Where you were earlier? Elections to Rada soon. Began to fuss?)))))".

before we wrote that the leader of Radical party Oleh Lyashko gave the wife a start in life in slippers and a dress.

the Leader of "radicals" people's deputy Oleh Lyashko together with the wife visited National musical academy of P. Tchaikovsky. It arrived to conservatory with the wife. About it the politician wrote on the page to Facebook.

of Lyashko told that he was invited by the assistant Andrey Lozovoy.

Journalists paid attention at once that Oleh Lyashko's wife - Rosita Sayranen - came to conservatory in a silk dress coat from the D&G brand of a collection of 2017.




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