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Lutsenko does not know when paymasters of the murder Kati Gandzyuk appear before the court

The Attorney-General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko considers that investigation of law enforcement agencies in case of murder of the adviser to the mayor of Kherson Ekaterina Gandzyuk is productive.

"All performers, organizers and customers in business Gandzyuk, as well as in any other business, will sit down when the facts which the court will estimate and will make the concrete decision are for this purpose received", - Lutsenko on air of Inter TV channel on Friday evening told.

"We have rather harmonious version about the customer as soon as we collect the legal facts... it will be declared suspicion and also the customer is precisely detained", - he noted.

At the same time, the Prosecutor General refused to answer a question of possible terms in the announcement of suspicion to the customer. "No terms in the investigation are established", - Lutsenko told.

As was reported, on December 3 Yu. Lutsenko said that the investigation found all customers and organizers of attack on Gandzyuk which led to her death. "In this process it is already declared suspicion to the assistant to one of People's Deputies also I think that in the nearest future we will announce some more suspicions which will finally show a circle of people, involved in the order, the organization and execution of this crime", - he told.

of Lutsenko noted that there are "several tens of versions" of this crime, but at the moment the investigation agrees that the main version is found. "And we see motive - it is activity Gandzyuk against one of large corruption schemes of local government. And all who ordered this murder who organized it are established by us", - the Prosecutor General emphasized. on July 31, 2018 in the morning in Kherson the unknown poured over

the concentrated sulfuric acid Gandzyuk near her house. The victim with burns was taken to local hospital, but soon transferred to medical institution of Kiev. Five suspects of attempt on Gandzyuk, including the man recorded on video from surveillance cameras as the buyer of sulfuric acid were detained.

was detained Later the assistant to the People's Deputy Nikolay Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky who transferred money "for work" to Sergey Torbin suspected of the organization of murder. On November 12 the court chose to I. Pavlovsky a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

Also became known of suspicion to the new defendant in the case Gandzyuk - the citizen Levin. We told that it is known of the new defendant in the case Gandzyuk to whom allowed to leave Ukraine.



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