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Loukas Mayas has specified that he wasn't going to help Jules Clouzel with fight for the title WorldSSP

In an interview after World Supersport final in Qatar, the winner of a race Loukas Mayas was declared that not in his interests was to help the applicant for a title Jules Clouzel with a fight with Kortezi.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 29, 2018 - Mayas pursued duelists - Clouzel and Kortezi in a race on Losail International Circuit and when has understood that Jules has no chances to pass the German athlete, itself has jerked to the finish, obviously having a huge stock of speed. As a result, Mayas who has won a champion title in 2017 in Qatar has finished this season the winner. The scored points, however, were enough for him to overtake Clouzel in the championship: having fallen on the last circle, Jules has lost glasses - and Mayas became vice-world champion!

"Yesterday, on Paddock Show I have told that I don't apply for a title and if it appear behind [Jules and Sandro], perhaps, I won't interfere with their dismantling", - Mayas has told the official portal. But whether there were no thoughts of any help to the compatriot during the race?

"Of course, at us was a long and intense fight, and I had time to think over it. But if I have wanted Sandro's help, it would become a problem. If to Jules, it too. Therefore as soon as I had had a real opportunity to come forward, I have realized it - quickly and accurately. To wait for something it wasn't represented possible further, besides, it became really dangerous. When I came to the first position, I in the head had only one thought: "now I am clean, I will win this race". Looking on питборд, I have understood that they won't catch up with me".

of Mayas has made the decision at the most right moment as the fight between applicants has become hardened and has come to the end for Clouzel with falling in which he easily could take with himself both rivals.

In these days off to Mayas privalit a lot of happiness. First, the solution of the Arbitration Sports Court (CAS) has cancelled his disqualification in Portugal then have returned him 25 points for a victory to Portimao, and Loukas could return to World Cup TOP-3. Secondly, CAS has obliged Dorna and FIM to pay to Mayas compensation of 30000 Euros. won't drop down

of This sum for Loukas Mayas to take a step to Superbike. But he had had more interesting decision: Mayas has decided to remain in WSS, having replaced team and the producer.

In the status of the vice-champion he will leave GRT Yamaha and will pass into Kawasaki camp: apparently, he has already accepted Manuel Puchchetti's invitation and will become a part of team with direct factory support of Puccetti Kawasaki in 2019. Directly Mayas doesn't speak about signing of the contract, but hints at change of a bike: "For me winter vacation this year won't be, also two months were enough in the summer, - Loukas laughs. - So, from this time, I pass into the training mode to be prepared for Australia on the new motorcycle".



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