Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

Loboda was left without money

The actress has paid dearly to act in Moscow. Only to return

spent and Svetlana Loboda couldn't earn. The concerts planned for the end of this month won't be held because of what the singer has suffered huge losses.

On the past? to week to it there was a trouble. During the rehearsal of a show Superstar the actress has fainted, and the called crew of "ambulance" has taken away her in hospital. There doctors have found

at it a stone in a kidney and have performed to a star urgent operation. So far bed is prescribed Loboda? the mode, and she will remain in clinic. Svetlana was going to submit to

the new program in Crocus City Hall on October 25, 26 and 28. And all tickets for these concerts have been sold. However they had to be transferred to the second half of January.

Later the popular performer has reported that she "cries with pain and offense". She is sorry that "small? the pebble became corner", and it wasn't succeeded "to please, surprise, inspire, give to the audience everything that has collected". But she "gradually recovers".

meanwhile rent of one? from the most elite platforms of Moscow where more than seven thousand viewers can be located?, I have cost to the singer a pretty penny. In four days the performer has paid for her 6 million rubles.

to Perform with Loboda? 40 people who with superfluous have arrived week from Kiev back owed. And only train tickets for them in one party have cost nearly 250 thousand rubles plus accommodation.

A lot of money has left also on a rehearsal in one of the Glavkino pavilions. There "rent cost... makes 52 thousand rubles?", the director of work with clients has told StaraHit.

Total Svetlana has lost not less than 10 million rubles?.



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