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Liverpool - Chelsea - 2:0: Five years later - absolutely not so

Liverpool, having won a convincing victory, continues the correspondence dispute with Mangxiti for superiority.

of Chelsea was the last before the finish the rival "red" of the first six.

to the Hosepa Gvardyoly Team and the injured Alexander Zinchenko still should accept Tottenham (not only in the Champions League), but the main thing - to go on "Old Trafford".


Goals: Manet, 51 (1:0). Salah, 53 (2:0) <.br>
Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinyyu, Keitha (Vaynaldum, 66), Henderson (Milner, 77), Manet, Salah (Shakiri, 90), Firmina.

of Chelsea (London): Arrisabalaga, Aspilikueta, Ryudiger (Christensen, 40), Louise, Emerson, Cantet, Zhorzhinyyu, Loftus-Chick (Barkley, 75), Hudson-Odoi (Higuain, 56), Azar, Villian.

of Punishment: Aspilikueta, 44 (prevention).

Judge: Oliver.

on April 14. Liverpool. Enfield stadium. 53,279 viewers. Amicably we remember

2014. For three rounds to the finish Liverpool advances Manchester City by 6 points, however, at that a game in a stock and the best difference. On April 27 a game with Chelsea - day when dreams collapse. Stephen Gerrard fails in a harmless situation a midfield, Demba Ba runs away - and removes Chelsea forward.

Liverpool storms gate of guests, but in the compensated time gets one more ball from Villian, the participant and a Sunday match. And Aspilikueta played then. And even Mohamed Salah. Here only the Egyptian - on that side of barricades, for Chelsea...

of Juergen Klopp at a pre-game press conference was asked about volume a match, sad for all fans of Liverpool. The trainer quietly answered:

- did not think seconds of that meeting. It is absolutely modern history. Sometimes in life there is similar, sometimes once, sometimes a little, and sometimes and does not occur at all. The match on Sunday has nothing in common with past games. We want to write our own story. If we make it, you will be able to lean on a positive of the present and to study on negative past mistakes...

At Liverpool in comparison with a match of the Champions League against Porto returned the left defender Andrew Robertson who was not playing in Europe because of search of cards, and in the center of defense Joel Matip replaced Dejan Lovren. Chelsea after the exit victory over Slavia in the Europa League updated (1:0) structure more, and as it seemed, the Prague option resembled even more the main.

of Mauricio Sarri continues a race for two hares - a victory in the Europa League and the place in the four. By the way, theoretically and the fourth team of premier league can not get to the Champions League - only if the English clubs take both European trophies, but at themselves will not get into the first quartet. Let's laugh together... in the 6th minute Liverpool could hammer

. Manet threw a ball through a congestion of players in the center of the penalty area on a leg to Salah, the Egyptian beat from a turn, but the ball got not on rise, and is slightly higher, the blow turned out weak - and the ball became an easy mark of >
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