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Lightning Network capacity since November grew four times

The Lightning Network continues to grow with a phenomenal speed, now its capacity is 460 BTC and in it 16,000 channels are opened.

Is similar Lightning Network as the vigorous, courageous young pupil of the main network of bitcoin, gets to news every week. Of course, Lightning Network regularly achieves new success though if to be fair, there are several criteria for measurement.

Only for the last month exceeded number of notes in network 4000, and then she exploded volumes of the transferred funds which made more than $2 million in bitcoin. Though bitcoin cost fell since then, in terms of VTS, capacity nevertheless continued to grow and, according to, reached 460 BTC <.br>
Quantity of open channels also continued to grow, having reached 16,500, and the number of notes increased up to <>
All this enough impressively for young network which meynnt started Blockstream in January with about 50 knots. The first two weeks the network had the power only 4 BTC, but growth rates continued to grow exponential.

the Current potential caused claims concerning growth by 10,000% since that moment. Though we have to remember that growth something during the period from nonexistent to existing infinite therefore, perhaps, it is not big criterion?

Is possible, it is more useful to consider the Lightning Network expansion last month in comparison with time since launch. Though open channels observed continuous growth during the whole year, the capacity of network just blew up for the last month. With 122 BTC at the beginning of November to 460 BTC now that four times more.

So, current month is observed significant increase in use, partially thanks to widespread introduction in all industry and support of community. Recently more than 4000 outlets of CoinGate added LN support, and we already saw cases of use of the decision for instant micropayments. But what will be in the future? it is important to

not to forget that Lightning Network still is an experiment, and officially works in the test mode. Despite the guaranteed nervousness bitcoin community, there is a risk that Lightning Network can grow "too big" before its reliability is confirmed for 100%.




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