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Leshchenko: Poroshenko "has bleached" one more general of times Yanukovych and has placed to himself at service

The other day the head of Kiev region Poroshenko appointed the head of the former chief of National police in Kiev Alexander Tereshchuk. It would seem, some next personnel decision of the president. But actually, if to understand, here, as in a mirror, all plans of the acting head of state for deduction of the power are reflected.

It in the video blog "Honest Policy" is noted by the People's Deputy Sergey Leshchenko.

according to the politician, Kiev region is the key region for Poroshenko. Like, there lives the president, the most expensive earth in Ukraine here, and in the following parliament his right hand Igor Kononenko for whom loss of the mandate and together with him inviolability can turn back serious problems is going to be chosen here.

of Poroshenko is necessary Kiev region as a reserve of voices on elections. There were always high Tymoshenko's ratings. Respectively, voices which will be generated to himself by Poroshenko will reduce result of his competitors. Therefore Bank has decided to give Kiev region in a charge to odious Tereshchuk who knows the business,

- is convinced Leshchenko.

at the time of Yanukovych Tereshchuk at first headed militia in one of the districts of Kiev, then - Counter-Narcotic Department which is main "roof" of a drug traffic, and as a result in 2012, on the eve of the parliamentary elections, Yanukovych sends Tereshchuk the head of department of internal affairs in the Volynsk region.

For this reason Tereshchuk falls under lustration now. But his work wasn't limited to this territory. As marks out Leshchenko, at the time of Advantage Revolution Tereshchuk was a faithful servant of the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Zakharchenko and sent division "Golden eagle" located on Volhynia to the capital.

After the Revolution of Dignity of Poroshenko had some sentimentality to Tereshchuk - having become the president, he appointed him to direct Kiev police and when the sensation of activists concerning Tereshchuk's lustration has begun, the president has carried out the necessary law through parliament and has cancelled lustration of the odious general. And now, washed from a work loop on Yanukovych, Poroshenko appointed Tereshchuk to Kiev region to collect an administrative resource in all fist. He will help Igor Kononenko who heads a regional cell of the PPB together with the ex-Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema,

- was summed up by the people's deputy.

of Video of full release of "Honest policy" for November 2, 2018



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