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Leshchenko could lose the suit as the man, and has lost as a rag, - V. Medvedchuk

On August 16, 2018 the Court of Appeal of Kiev recognized the doubtful, violating the personal non-property rights and humiliating honor and business reputation of Nissan of Moiseyev information distributed by Sergey Leshchenko in article "Avtogaz of a national shame. The scheme Medvedchuk-Poroshenko" on the website "Ukrainian Pravda". It was declared by the leader of Social movement "The Ukrainian Choice — the Right of the People" Victor Medvedchuk.

"Sergey Leshchenko's statements that "SSU... at monopolization of the Medvedchukom market, this monopolization in every possible way I promoted" and "The scheme is implemented through his younger partner - the owner (according to documents) the Energy's Proton companies of the citizen of Israel of Nissan Moiseyev...", are doubtful and have to be disproved for 5 calendar days. In the judgment it is specified: "From information stated by the defendant in the context of contents of article in general it is seen that the author has told readers that there is a criminal scheme which participants are the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Security Service of Ukraine, Victor Medvedchuk and Moses' Nissan, and the purpose of creation of this scheme is cleaning of the market of the liquefied gas from other traders for monopolization of the market of the liquefied gas for the benefit of Proton Energy Group Joint-stock Company". Unauthenticity of this information is confirmed by the proofs provided in the course of court session", - it is said in the statement of the leader of "The Ukrainian choice".

the Politician has also noted that Leshchenko in every way tried to avoid responsibility? I delayed business, I wriggled, I justified myself.

"Top of these naive and senseless attempts became Leshchenko's statement to court in which he claimed that he can't agree with a conclusion of court as the specified information is him (attention!) "estimated judgments". It already became the standard of a cynical lie habitual for Sergey Leshchenko to which he resorts as to evade responsibility for distribution of unreliable information, and at communication with the readers", - V. Medvedchuk has noted.

That Leshchenko himself has given an assessment to the "journalistic" opuses, the leader of "The Ukrainian choice", considers everything that was presented to readers as the ultimate truth - no other than exhaustion from a sensation finger.

"By the way, neither Sergey Leshchenko, nor Alyona Pritula have executed the decision of Court of Appeal which has taken legal effect thereby having shown absolute disrespect for the Ukrainian justice and those standards of democracy about which they so like to speak and write", - the politician has emphasized.

Such disrespect for the Ukrainian state and its laws, V. Medvedchuk has paid attention, one and all proteges and puppets of the USA in Ukraine show? from and. the lake of the Minister of Health to the deputy, the fighter against corruption or the ordinary scribbler-grantoyeda, deystvushchy for the benefit of the USA and to the detriment of Ukraine.

"Wants to believe that the Ukrainian citizens, being for the cynic Leshchenko "ashes" which "eat" from a plate where he it is regular "with



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