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LE. Dynamo - Rennes - 3:1. Report on a match

LE. Dynamo - Rennes - 3:1. Report on a match
Dynamo on the home field has repeatedly beaten Rennes and has gathered the next three points in group of the Europa League.

Rennes was considered as the main competitor of Dynamo in fight for the playoffs of the Europa League, considering the lost glasses on start of a tournament. In France "white-blue" have proved that they are more skilled and strong team, and in two weeks have confirmed it and in a match in Kiev.

Quickly enough the account has been opened. Alexander Khatskevich has released on an edge of the attack of Verbich and the Slovene in the 13th minute has justified the confidence of the trainer. After Tsygankov's canopy from angular Benjamin direct shot by the head has sent a ball to a grid.

In general should tell that the first half in this match - nearly the best performed by Dynamo in the current season. Kiev residents have literally closed Rennes on his half of the field - the French practically didn't pass a midfield. "White-blue" attacked much, attacked widely and effectively. There wasn't enough only one - exact end. Tsygankov, Sidkley, Verbich, Buyalsky and other football players had chances, but the overweight in one ball to a break has remained.

of Sabri Lyamusha before a match said that defeat from Dynamo practically with guarantee will deprive his team of chances of the playoffs. But any fundamental shifts in a game of the French it hasn't been noticed. And Khatskevich's team continued to play the soccer. Tsygankov literally feerit

on the flank, regularly shooting, hanging, striking shoots for goal of the rival. In one of such episodes his lumbago has been obliged to close Sidklya on the right, but from couple of meters hasn't got to a goal mouth. Nevertheless, the error of the Brazilian was corrected by Mikolenko.

of Shaparenko has earned a penalty, Tsygankov has hung in the center of the penalty area, and Mikolenko the head has precisely punched on the center.

Still the attack - again a goal. This time Shaparenko has fought on the left flank and has rushed into the penalty area. Having shifted a ball under the right leg, Nikolay passing shot has sent a ball precisely under a distant bar.

For all match Rennes had exactly three moments - all in the second half. Twice Quickly coped with exits in private, but in the last minutes, not without the arbitrator mistake, the ball has sent Sibacho to an empty net of Dynamo.

3:1 - a convincing victory of Dynamo. We congratulate!

Europa League. Group stage. 4th tour.
group "K"
11/8/2018. Kiev, NSK "Olympic".

of Dynamo - Rennes (France) - 3:1 (1:0)

Goals: Verbich (13), Mikolenko (68), Shaparenko (72) - Sibacho (89)

of Dynamo: Quickly, Mikolenko, Kadar, Kendzera, Wish-wash, Sidklya, Buyalsky, Tsygankov (k), Che Che (Sidorchuk, 83), Verbich (Supryaga, 90), Shaparenko (Duyelund, 90 1).

Rennes: Koubek, Zeffran, Bensebaini, Nyamsi (Zhelen, 75), Traoré (Nyang, 46) and Silva, Poa, Bin Arfa (k), Burigo, James, Sarr (Sibacho, 72).

Are warned: Nyams (29), Traoré (32), James (55).



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