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Landowners of Nikolayevshchina have got more than 24 million financial support

For September 14 of this year landowners of the Nikolaev region have already got more than 24 million hryvnias of financial support for development of livestock production, gardening, wine growing and other branches.

On development of livestock branch - nearly 5,4 million from which for keeping of cows of the dairy and meat direction of efficiency into accounts of 26 agrarian and industrial complex enterprises of area 4,5 million hryvnias have arrived.

have received 400 thousand hryvnias For the maintenance of young growth of cattle which was born in households of 187 private households of area. This time the state support will be got by nearly five thousand landowners for the content of 11,4 thousand heads of young growth.

is allocated For development of gardening and wine growing 2,1 million. Compensation of cost of domestic saplings of fruit and berry cultures and grapes was received by two subjects of managing;

is allocated For reduction in cost of cost of agricultural machinery and the equipment of domestic production 14,8 million. Budgetary funds have received 136 agricultural enterprises for the acquired 210 pieces of equipment and the equipment.

is allocated For reduction in cost of the bank credits 1,7 million hryvnias. 11 agricultural producers of area became recipients of partial compensation of an interest rate.

Having used the state support, 7 enterprises pay only 2% for use of the credits, 4 enterprises have acquired the right for the interest-free credits. Besides, in the current year by the state it is planned essential support of small farms and the agricultural serving cooperatives.



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