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Labor migration: why Ukrainians leave the country and how to return them?

Often Ukrainian workers who work abroad illegally are absolutely deprived of civil rights. Ukrainians, without having appropriate insurance, face serious problems.

24 the channel has conducted survey that it is defining at making decision on work abroad for Ukrainians, and has found out what threats are born by labor migration and how to return workers to Ukraine. Labor migration constantly grows As show results of poll, most of all Ukrainians are afraid that separation from the family and especially children will put to them a psychological trauma - 47% of readers of the website 24 channels hold such opinion. Another 43% consider work abroad risky. And only 10% don't want to migrate because of local high prices and Road of Life.

Should notice that according to the State committee of statistics, 71% of labor migrants the main reason of migration called a low wage in Ukraine. Though, according to experts, in the modern globalized economy migrants - an integral part of the world economy.

However, for us this tendency annually assumes the menacing scale. Ukraine enters in top-10 the donor countries of migrants in the world. From 2013 to 2016 the number of economically active population was reduced from nearly 21 million to 18 million. According to the Center of economic strategy, more than 4 million Ukrainians are labor migrants. These are about 16% of able-bodied population.

Labour migrants are exposed to big risk, especially illegal, there are also other problems. Besides, except economic losses and outflow of qualified personnel, there is a big threat of our nation. What labor migration and as it is possible to stop processes threatens with: opinion of experts Igor Burakovsky, director of Institute of economic researches and political consultations:

- Labour migration of Ukrainians - the complex problem caused by objective and subjective factors. In particular, legal labor migrants pay taxes in those countries where they work, but not in Ukraine. Respectively, we have a problem with payments of pensions as in Ukraine the solidary system of provision of pensions still works.

We lose qualified personnel because people who were prepared in Ukraine, including, for the state money, working abroad. It is not about the highest qualification, and representatives of working, engineering professions and also connected with medicine. These are professions which provide our welfare. Without builders, bricklayers, carpenters it is impossible to develop what provides our normal functioning. Doctors are health of citizens in society.

At the same time Ukrainians go to work abroad not only because of low earnings. Labor market will significantly cause a stir today from that which was 5-10-15 years ago. For many people now work abroad - not so much escape from problems which are in Ukraine, and an opportunity to self-actualize, look at themselves in other environment, to gain social experience.



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