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Kurchenko has taken under control of the ISD metaltraders in Russia

The Russian traders of production of the Industrial Union of Donbass (IUD) - Revyakinsky metallurgical complex (RMK) and Stavstal - have passed under management "Gas Alliance" which is connected with Sergey Kurchenko close to the ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, the Kommersant newspaper writes.

according to the edition, "Gas Alliance" has taken assets on "responsible storage" after arrest of the co-owner of ISD Oleg Mkrtchan. Raw materials for RMK will go from the DPR where structures of the businessman operate the nationalized metallurgical and coal enterprises.

the Nizhny Novgorod LLC Gaz-Alyans Company which beneficiary Sergey Kurchenko is considered has received in management assets of trading Russian Mining and Metallurgical Company (RMMC), LLC Revyakinsky Iron and Steel Works (RMK, Tula region, 500 thousand tons of a hire a year) and Stavstal in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai, 350 thousand tons of fittings a year).

It has occurred after arrest in February in Moscow of the co-owner and the CEO of ISD Oleg Mkrtchan accused of theft of the credits of Vnesheconombank issued to ISD. The businessman doesn't admit guilt.

In the resolution of Basmanny regional court of Moscow, is said that Oleg Mkrtchan - "the actual owner" of the RGMK-Yug company whose property it is seized. Resolutions with such formulations are issued also on other assets of RGMK. Case is processed by the special investigator of GU of the Investigative Committee of Russia colonel Ruslan Miniakhmetov, follows from materials. Miniakhmetov in the middle of August has chosen by

"Gas Alliance" for "responsible storage" of the arrested property attributed to Oleg Mkrtchan, having ordered "to support trouble-free operation of the enterprises", it is told in documents.

by data "Card file. ру" and the USRLE, LLC Gaz-Alyans Company is created in 2014 for wholesale trade in metals and metal ores and belongs to Vladimir Lykov. In August-September "Gas Alliance" has created branches in the cities of presence of RGMK and also in the settlement of Revyakino of Tula region and Nevinnomyssk.

of RGMK was the ISD trader and till fall of 2015 was controlled by the Ukrainian MMC (shareholders from ISD). At peak in 2013 revenue of RGMK reached 31,58 billion rubles, in 2016 - 16 billion rubles. In 2016 the company has redeemed property of the bankrupt Revyakinsky plant. On its base RMK which has redeemed in the fall of 2017 Stavstal which is in process of bankruptcy is created.

Formally Oleg Mkrtchan has no shares in these assets long ago. Since fall of 2017 of RGMK, by data "the Card file. ру" and the USRLE, belongs to Arminak Arakelov, before Grandstream Ltd (according to the register of Cyprus, through Doustinas Ltd belongs to the ex-CEO of RGMK Ashot Tamrazyan) owned her. Grandstream controls RMK (shares are put to "Renaissance" and Promsvyazbank) and, respectively, Stavstal and also a number of the RGMK regional companies now.



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